What's your first/earliest post?


My earliest post was also just an introduction in New Members.

If we're going back, it could be interesting to remember that once upon a time AT did go down, due to (I think) a hacker attack, and everything was erased. I couldn't find much mention of it in threads aside from one, the first thread posted after the forums were back up.


It's from 2001, two years before I joined. Was anyone here then?

I wasn't there yet, tarotbear is one of the oldest members here.
I found a thread where he is looking for others of the original forum, many names I recognise but have not seen in a long time:



The forum went offline for 10 days in 2001 because of server incompatibiliy - I didn't join until 2003, and people were still talking about it! Tarotbear and MeeWah were here when it happened.


From what I remember, I did my new member introductory post rather belatedly, and I think my first post was on a deck I was creating in the deck creations section! Lol I haven't really gone to the nitty gritty of comparing dates yet, though...


21/10/2010, reading, "Jumping in feet first, I hope...

Hello all. This site looks wonderful! I joined AE last night and have been very busy reading other people's threads... Thought I'd best introduce myself now. I bought my first deck (Rider-Waite) in my teens... (a long time ago - I'm a silver-haired one, too!) and have bought quite a few decks since, but have a couple of real favourites. In recent years I was very blessed to complete my own deck, A'HA Oracle, and, just briefly passing through the threads here, I find many people who have created their own decks, too, and lots more with oodles of knowledge re all things Tarot!

I look forward to meeting many of you and sharing knowledge, thoughts.

All things good

Linnie" ... very kindly responded to by Grigori, gregory, sulis, moongypsy, and love.actuallu ... No wonder i remembered Grigori even though he's been absent a while.. he was one of the first to say hello, in this vast, purple, space :)

Likely, my last won't be read widely!

But thank you all... so much!!!! It's been a happy journey! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


This is what is shown as your FIRST THREAD not POST - did you find this at least. Oddly, I do not think it is right due to your join date. Something is amiss.

Wonder why not passed 2005.


DND :)

I can't find mine... I THINK it was in the identify this deck game. But I so far can't find anything pre 2005. I know I am doing it wrong...


Your first thread may very well be your first post as it was done on the same day you joined. :)


LATEST EARLIEST POST: MAY 2016. (Unlikely your very 1st post).

I can't remember nor could find my first ever post but I do remember my first time offering readings here (which was also the first time I offered reading to anyone other than myself).

I was honest, very honest and said what I thought about the cards without thinking about the feeling of the seeker. She left very emotional and couldn't sleep till the next day and PMed me about it. I felt really bad. A year on, we are now friends and the reading, although it was brutal (and harsh), but was pretty accurate.


I joined in 2002...how do I find my first post?