What's your take on the double line horizon?


I was just thinking about this in my last post...

a couple of tarot instructors I had told me that the double line horizon... seen in a lot of cards... made reference to the past...and that everything behind it was a symbol of a certain passing influence...

Other teachers had no ideas about what the double line could represent.

So I ask...what do you make of it? Anyone got a new creative take on the horizon? And why does it appear in only certain cards?


Oddly enough, in introducing my RWS to it's new BAG today (;)), I kinda noticed this too! I was wondering why a lot of the action takes place on this somewhat artificial-lookin' buff-coloured "stage" at the front? I think concrete now! :laugh: Interesting observation... No answer. :)



And while on the subject of horizon lines....

So if the double line means one thing, then what possibly can the single line horizon mean?
(I can think of only three cards where it's really noticable...The 5, 8, and 10 of cups...)
Again, same teacher told me that what was behind the line was symbolic of the subconcious...

Still, I'm looking for other possibilities.

Royal Cat

I had never given this much thought, but I like the idea of "behind the line symbolizes the subconcious" as Chronata mentioned.
(running to look again at my decks... ) :)


P.S. Hey, Macavity - LOVE the new avatar!!!!