Wheel of Life - Major #10


Six men of various races and ages clasp hands in the center of what looks like a ship's wheel ~ captains of our destiny? A nicely balanced image of male types. LWB "awareness of the cycles of life. A change in fortunes." An interesting variation might have been to have the men at the top of the card smiling and those at the bottom frowning, so when the card is reversed, the idea of 'reversal of fortune' could be more explicit ... but other than that I think this card bespeaks of the interconnection of being gay, the fact that gay men DO age, and maybe the concept of 'community' is what makes life in the straight world more tolerable for us. Very nice card.


X - the Wheel of Life

I liked this card - to me this Wheel speaks of having connections, a personal network of friends and aquaintences and how they really expand your world! (I link this card with expansion.) Someone who knows someone who knows someone...This image always speaks to me of how small the world is.

Being a gay teen, I'm relating to this image as I slowly begin to know more and more people, make more connections, expand my personal network; a nice accomplishment, because not long ago I felt so terribly isolated from other gay teens.

Lastly, I like how this Wheel reminds me of the wheel that steers a ship (whatever the nautical term for that is...), posing the question "Who's steeiring the course of *your* life?"


Well after calling my "dear" how could I resist not speaking about your 3rd card dear tarotbear? :)

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the card even before reading the title was the image of a prayer circle like sport- and other teams do or like many singers/groups brings to mind that whatever may happen wherever you are on the wheel of fortune there will be people supporting and helping you sometimes in mind sometimes in action .


I think this card also speaks about compassion among gay men we meet in our life, we know how was it to be like younger guys and seek the guideance of older and wiser man who had already lived situations we can't even imagine.

Just the fact to beign gay connects us instantly is some kind of complicity I don't think is common among heterosexuals to have a network of friends with people ranging from teens to old gentlemen.


This is a deck I have on my list of decks to own. I read for the GLBT community quite often and would love to have a deck of this nature. Last Samhain (Hallowe'en) I read at a club in Colorado Springs. It was a primarily gay male crowd and I think they would have really enjoyed seeing images that reflect them in a positive way.


What I find interesting about this particular card is that the men are holding hands united in the center of the steering-wheel.....to me, this means that no matter what direction they are headed in, everything will be OK because they are united together!

The fact that the 'wheel' appears to be a nautical steeing-wheel falls more along the lines of "riding the tide" and adventure!

Having the men of different ages united represents the cycles of life experiences.....the old can see the patterns in the younger men and help guide them through their wisdom and experience.