When the Faeries are off duty and just want to play!


I had the funniest thing happen to me last night with the Faeries Oracle. I was here on AT, browsing around. My husband was scurrying about, and when I asked about it, he said he was cleaning up the family room so we could watch a movie and have a little date night. How sweet!

So I finished up what I was doing here, and went to join him in the other room. He had in fact cleaned the whole room and lit about two dozen candles. It was so pretty! (and I was still getting over the shock of him cleaning up a room without being asked! ROFL)

We snuggled up on the couch and I suddenly had the urge to get out my faeries. I told my husband that the faeries liked all the candles and wanted to come out and play. He just smiled and rolled his eyes at me. While we were watching our movie, I was quietly shuffling my cards and decided to pull one out. It was Luathas the Wild. I had never drawn that card before so I had to get the book to look him up.

Luathas is all about FIRE, both literally and metaphorically. http://www.worldoffroud.com/faeries/online/oracle/oracle/card-57.htm . I dutifully read the whole section trying to look deeper into the meaning, but all the while he was just snickering in the background saying -- "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nevermind all that! No message, we just want to dance in the firelight!" Has anything like that ever happened to you? When a card wasn't trying to be informative? It's yet another incident that really makes me feel how different this deck is from others. I just can't fathom my 'normal' decks doing this. My husband pretty much thinks I'm crazy -- in a good way -- but with this type of thing happening over and over again with these cards, even he is amazed by it.


P.S. Oh... and when I changed over my calendar to the month of May this morning, I realized today is Beltane. So we were having a 'romantic' [ahem] night with the faeries on Beltane Eve! Woo-hoo! :D


Thanks for sharing that beautiful story. What a romantic man. :)

None of my other decks do anything like that either or communicate in any way with me until I ask them a question, but it is just the kind of thing I can see my faeries doing too. :) They are somehow more than a deck, but living breathing faeries that love to come out and play with you. :)

Sounds like you've got a good man there. :) When it comes to Tarot...mine thinks I'm crazy in a bad way, but he likes the rest of me so he stays around. :) I have not dared to tell him I think faeries are real, he'd probably try and lock me away.



That's interesting...I played Chronata's Faeries Oracle game earlier today and not too long after my hubby and I "ahem" celebrated Beltaine together as well:D
It has been a very Blessed Beltaine!