When the Q's not there..


The other day my cousin called and told me that this person we know wanted a reading done. I asked her what he wanted to know she said that he did not say, but he wanted it done with the Medicine Cards. Doing a reading with/without the question, I can go either way, and here is a perfect oppritunity to do the Pathway spread.. BUT.. when I have done readings for other people, they where right there with the cards..I din't know if this will change the outcome. I have always felt that it is better for the Querent to be around the cards so the energies mesh. Is there something that would help me in the situation ?


having the person on the phone would probably help (telephone readings are a booming busness ;) ) But ifthats not possible, Id choose a signficator to represent the querant from another deck, it should work as well


caroline myss (medical intuitive) claims to be able to get intuitive messages without having contact with the subject. she asks for the name and age, then starts talking about what she sees/feels. *shrug* if it works for her it might work for you.