When they don't seem to 'work'


I am still new to tarot but I have started to do some readings for friends of mine, I have found it increases my confidence in reading the cards.
The spreads have always 'worked' for the person I am reading for, meaning they related to what I said.
But last week I did a reading for two other friends who I had not read for before, the cards didn't seem to relate to them at all.

Does this happen for others, what do you do?



Try cleansing the deck ofits energies, perhaps the friend it worked for has heavy energies that are on thecards, so the cards are still relating to her instead of thenew querant. A crystal placedon the deck could help with this.


Wait a few weeks and ask those same friends if anything came out of the reading. Sometimes the cards are very right, but it maybe the timing is off!


Sometimes, it takes really creative, lateral thinking to see how the cards might apply to a situation. This can be the most valuable kind of reading for a friend because it makes them think outside of their normal pattern.


I agree with the other replies, but every now and then I get a card that just doesn't seem to make sense to me. When this happens I put the card I "don't get" or the final outcome card, (when the whole reading confuses me) in the signifier position. After asking, the powers that be:) for clarification, I do a 3 card, or celtic spread over it.
This usually does the trick. Zorya


Thank you everyone, this is what I love about the forums, you get to read other peoples ideas, it is really helpful


Kitty: All of the above may apply. I do not advise dismissing readings that do not click as one is not always in a position to ascertain the relevance.
Sometimes the querent may not be focussed; may have too many concerns which cause confusion or lack of clarity. Or the cards may have sought to address *something else* as pertinent!
Wait a week or more & check with those querents again as it may be a matter of "timing". If the readings still do not make sense, then see if follow-up readings are agreeable.


Hi Kitty,

This happened to me when I did readings for my cousins - one after the other. The first reading, for Carrie, didn't go very well. She just kept saying "I don't beleive in this so you can tell me anything..." The second reading, for Amy, went so beautifully! It was one of best to date. So I think what happened was that Carrie's negativity was affecting my ability by making me a bit nervous. Also, I did both throws in Amy's room so the cards may have picked up more of her energy making her reading more "accurate". HOWEVER...

A few weeks later, I learned that Carrie was a bit upset because of some turn of events (which didn't go her way) made her remember what I said in the reading ;). That supports what Temperance said about waiting a few weeks so see how things turn out. I also like to cleanse my cards with sage smoke after every few readings. It helps immensely.

Good luck!

~ january


Agree with January about negative attitude of querent affecting reading. Depending on how the reader may "pick up" on querent's energy, it can create a block that moreorless impedes or cancels efforts.
Thus, 'tis important to properly cleanse, ground & center the self before reading for anyone, including the self; also to cleanse the cards before commencing. A delicate balance is maintained during a reading, that of reader-cards-querent. When one reads, one opens the self to other party in order to perceive & discern.
Also, where readings are done may have a factor. I prefer my own turf that I know is "neutral" by reason of my efforts to make it so.
On one occasion, I kept getting jumbled information that made no sense. Then I realized the client's young daughter was hiding under the table! Didn't notice her presence immediately because the tablecloth hid her. Had to extricate her & give her to hubby to amuse.
BTW: There is no reading for someone who effectively "resists", as that is a waste of my time & energy. There are those who will express an interest but are afraid or unwilling on some level to permit "contact". Skeptics do not bother me, depending on how strongly they feel. On the very rare occasion that I sense resistance, I offer to reschedule on the basis of it being something the client is not yet ready for & may be an intrusion. Usually that will change the atmosphere, & the client will relax.