"Where Am I Heading?" Spread


This spread is for those in transition, but then again, aren't we all?:p

Note: This layout should look like two zig- zags.

Job/Career: This is where you're gonig in the job or career arena.

Education: This is where you are going in education and learning goals. Edit as necessary.

Love; Self- explainatory.;)

Friendships: Where your friendships are going. What elements will they endure and will make them stronger.

Family: This is forecasting what energy your family arena will have. Your near future family picture.

Spirit: Remember: Spirit is not just one area in your life but the essence that ties all parts of your life together! THis can be your spiritual path and how it affects your life as a whole.

Health: How your health will be, if their will be any problems to watch out for, etc. Progress in treatment.

Creativity: This card tells what your progress will be in any hobbies or creative projects you take on.


This is an excellent spread! Just what I was looking for, thanks so much for sharing!



Thanks!!!! Just what I need right now!!!!


Thanks. I really like this spread :)


Aww, shucks. Glad it goes over well.:)


Looks good, I'll try it :)


HA! It's just what I'm looking for again! TY!


Fantastic spread! Thank you everything was spot on or very affirming.