Where does the power come from ?


I've participated in quite some discussions and some of them sort of 'tipped" this specific topic but due to the topic of the thread itself there wasn't (or seemed) much 'room' to dive into it. So after studying this forum some more for equal threads, and not finding any, I decided to give it a try...

So what is the driving force in readings or where does it all come from in your opinion ? As to myself; I'm beginning to have some doubts, but thats nothing special since I started doubting a lot of things when I came here...

I think the power comes from within but I'm starting to have some doubts as to the exact influence of the cards themselves. Do they have power? I think so. But to what extend... I'm not so sure, but I guess I'll learn.

(A quick addition; please note that 'power' also includes the effort to lift the cards themselves. I'm adding this for people, like myself, who's native language isn't English and can have other associations with the verb.)


I think that the power mostly comes from the reader themselves, however, I don't think I can attempt to deny the possibility of something else working to make those particular cards fall into that particular place, at that particular time....



it's taken me many many years to feel sure of this, but i believe it comes from the spirits. it's hard to explain but the higher or faster my energy (kind of a light energy as opposed to a physical energy) grows, the clearer my readings are. i believe this because it has affected all areas of my life. syncronicities, dreams, "knowing" things, precognitions, intuitions, "seeing" things. a complete shift in how i view life.
i just reread what i wrote and i sure sound flaky! LOL



Big interesting question! I like...! :)

I'd say it's in the reader, but I know there are a lot of people who wouldn't agree. I personally feel that I need to feel the querent and his or her energies to do a really good reading, but I know a girl who says she doesn't want to know _anything_ about the querent, because that takes her focus off the cards! To me, the querents's energies define the "Situation" well as much as the question that acts as a starting point for the reading, and that is something I just can't do with out. Without that I'd feel it was only me, my imagination and a bunch of cards. To me the magic is in sensing the universal energies about the querent and his or her situation.

That's why I see the cards as tools, useful and important - oh, definitely, but not magical per se. The cards trigger the reader's ability to read energies. That's how I see it.

Part from that, yes spirits are involved too - how could they not be? In my view, everything is interrelated, everything is tied together, that's how it all works, and that's _why_ it all works...! ;D


Quote:Originally posted by Diana
I believe that the power comes from the reader's own ability to tune in to the energy and knowledge of the universe, or the spirits, in zorya's worlds.
Gotcha. Now, you should know that I'm one of those folks who read something and can remember it for some time ;) In another conversation this subject also got tipped and I recall your comment about the cards, allthough they may seem like ordinary paper cards, do transport and carry energy. I didn't get into this at that time since it didn't seem proper for the topic back then but since you did raise my curiosity I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit more?


worlds? hee hee hee


Diana: you're talking about the anima mundi?
That is, the soul of the world that captures all souls of everything in the Universe. Let me try to illustrate it: Imagine a type of black hole in the Universe. All souls that has ever 'lived', is gathered here. No, actually not the souls themselves, but their wisdom. This hole absorbs every tiny piece of knowledge about us -man-. Whenever someone is using their tarot deck, they connect with anima mundi (or my imaginary hole). I don't know if you all see my point here... *l* Anyway, when you lay your cards out, you interpret it. Where did this wisdom come from? The person itself? I don't believe that. I think we are 'fed' this information, and some are better to interpret it than others. We also, of course, learn more and more as we go along.

Exactly. *l* Hope you understand.



well said diana!