where to put your tarot

Mad Dragon

I once read you must wrap your tarotgame in a silk towel so evil spirits can't touch it. Is this true and is it bad if I don't do it? Does it affect my cards?
So far all my predictions have come true and the cards really help me. What is the best way to treat your tarotgame?


Mad Dragon,
From what I have read here at Aeclectic, the answer is what ever you are comfortable with. My decks are luxuriating in their velvet lined bags that I made for them! They seem very happy to me! :)

Original Destiny

I treat my cards with respect..I keepthem in an assortment of boxes given to me by my daughter and my partner..I keep my Sacred Rose deck in a Jack Daniel's tin...Do what you feel is right :TFOOL


Tell ya what - go to an ethnic shop, like an Indian Emporium, and you buy cheaply purchase wonderful little silk bags, made of beautiful sari bags - very cheap, and very pretty.

Or go to a fabric shop, and look at their "off ends" (scraps of material left) - you might find some nice fabric there to wrap your cards in, or to make into a bag to hold them.

...just ideas :D


Right now I'm keep my decks in their original boxes, if they came with one. Then I put these into a small plain white tin box that has a handle on it. I picked this up at a craft store and will decorate as inspiration strikes. Right now I have put some stickers of lilacs on it as these are my favorite flowers. And like everybody else has said treat them with respect.



Mine have their own bags and are hanging off a decorative metal thing that has 5 hooks and has moons and stars on it. Except for the 3 (cry) decks I cant find :p


I love my cards and I want them to be happy! So I keep them wraped up in a nice black velvet sack. They love it there but Im going to buy them a scarf with dragons on it!!! Just like everyone elese has said do what you feel is right for your cards.
=) Menmay


I keep my decks in their boxes, but I keep the Little White Books (LWB) separately, as they are too squashed in the box.

I have three silk scarves I use to lay the cards on - they make a nice plain background instead of the floral material of my quilt. (I usually lay out the cards on my bed.) I wrap one box in each silk scarf - they all look nice and snug.

I also have a new wash bag/makeup bag in glorious purple and gold that I was given for my birthday. It's just the right size for a tarot box, so I can take a deck out with me :)

The deck/book sets didn't come with a proper box, so I got cotton tarot bags from a company called 'tarot totes' - lovely bags with silver or gold designs on them.

I don't believe in 'treating the cards with respect' for any superstitious reason. But they cost a lot of money, so I don't want them damaged. And looking after them is part of the fun :)

All the best,



hi all

I keep my decks in the bags I make and sell. The latest Guess what I learned is embossed velvet.. I have my main deck in a dark purple velvet bag with a butterfly (transformation complete).

I love Lilian's idea: Mine have their own bags and are hanging off a decorative metal thing that has 5 hooks and has moons and stars on it.

I think I'll try it.

MY biggest problem is when I get a new deck, I won't even shuffle it until I have found the PERFECT material for a bag for it.

cj "the bag lady"