Which path to follow?


Celtic noodles advice is good :)

Some of the 'most reputable' and historic source books on magic (eg. Agrippa) are full of natural magic and remedies, properties of stones plants and stars, etc. - 'natural magic'.

I am sure there is an ocean of books out there that simplify this.

Just tell hubby you are making home products to save money (and maybe go into business one day) ... that should make him more happy than coming home to a kitchen with a large pentagram painted on the floor and finding you worshipping a naked Pan statue at an altar set up on the kitchen sink .


Just tell hubby you are making home products to save money (and maybe go into business one day) ... that should make him more happy than coming home to a kitchen with a large pentagram painted on the floor and finding you worshipping a naked Pan statue at an altar set up on the kitchen sink .

Oh my, ravenest!

Though....I don't know.....the above idea sounds pretty darn good too! ;)

Briar Rose

OMG! ravenest, you are too funny, but CN is right, it's a good idea.

I started out with a notebook when I did research on anything Metaphysical; print outs, note taking, drawings. I pretty much kept it in the order I did research over the years.

It showed me what I am most interested in- how energy works. My focal point now is Crystals, Crystal Healing, Grids, Wands, Sage, a little bit of Astrology, !!!Dowsing!!! my fav! oh and making pendys, Pyramids. I have some new ideas (but looking for the motive to make them!!!). And I have some lentles put aside for a rattle for meditation.

I'd like to get into Gem Exilers, and Crystal Cleansing Sprays next. -down the road. I don't even know if I could find the time.

Maybe with you, you could just start out with keeping a notebook on what interests you in the field that excites you, and then you'll see a pattern of where that would take you. This way you don't have to put a label or name on who you are or what you are doing. Or if you want that, maybe think Shamanism VS witchcraft. What kind of energy is more pure? Like how would you transform your knowledge?


As others have mentioned, Scott Cunningham has numerous books that sound like what you're looking for. He was Wiccan, but practiced natural magic.

I am a born and raised Catholic, but I've always been interested in natural magic, such as using crystals, candles and elemental spells - not ceremonial magic. I have several of his books; if you look him up you'll find he's written on many subjects.

A few books of his to start with are:
Earth Power - Techniques of Natural Magic
Earth, Air, Fire & Water - More Techniques of Natural Magic
The Magical Household - Spells and Rituals for the Home
Kitchen Witches Companion

I like his writing style; it's very clear and easy to follow. Good luck! :)


Briar Rose, how cool that you kept such great notes on everything for years. I'm not much of a note taker in this sense, but I so wish I had done so now, all these years later. It must be interesting to go back and read through it and see your spiritual journey there in words and drawings! :thumbsup: Great idea for you too, Ivana.

When we were having to put in a well, one of the well companies who came by to give us an estimate used dowsing to find the best place to get water. It was way cool to watch him and the first time I had ever been around a dowser. Very interesting art that! We didn't hire him--but he was correct! I pointed the area out to the man we hired (he did NOT believe in dowsing though! :p ) and he agreed it looked like a good place to dig. It was. We got water at 33 feet as opposed to all of our neighbors who also were putting in wells. In our area, 24 wells were being dug that season, and we hit water at 33 feet where everyone else were in the hundreds of feet! I think that dowser knew his stuff! :)

Ivanna, I'm not sure if you are of any religious faith, such as Phoenix11 mentioned she is, and I am also a Catholic. But, you can also incorporate some of your way of life into your path. I am a huge believer in prayers for a sort of "spell" magic. I pray the rosary mostly-and include many of the wishes of others into my prayers. I'm sure the Catholic nuns and priests don't realize how the faith actually is so similar to the path of the witch-but if you look closely there are many similarities really. So, perhaps taking a look at the things you know well can be of a help to doing the magic spells and meditations you are interested in developing.

The rosary prayer for me was another avenue to really get into my psychic-medium business. I always remember the dead in my prayers and the dying, and often see and hear spirits coming to me and thanking me for my prayers. (again, I'm sure Sr. Mary Elizabeth and the other nuns who taught me for years would spin knowing I took this path and credit much of it to the rosary recitation! :p). But, do look towards the path you've taken so far in your life--from the time you were a child and now as an adult. Incorporate what you're familiar with and comfortable with into it, and this will also help it to flow easier for you when learning 'new' ideas.

as for books to 'guide' you along...if you are not wanting to spend much money on the books, I would highly recommend Scott Cunningham then. The books Phoenix mentioned are wonderful books to get started with. Also, check out the herbal magazines in bookstores. One of my favorites is Mother Earth News.


Catholics make great witches ... its that early ritual training they get :) .... plus they have a 'Goddess'.


when I was a teenager I became quite obsessed in this area and really loved the books of Doreen Valiente. She was a British witch who brought a Pagan / Wiccan resurgence really. She died in 1999. She was all about natural magic. I used to take all her books out of my local library :)

I have forgotten all her writings now but must reread!

her books are...

1962: Where Witchcraft Lives
1973: An ABC of Witchcraft
1975: Natural Magic
1978: Witchcraft for Tomorrow
1989: The Rebirth of Witchcraft
2000: Charge of the Goddess, a collection of poems, published posthumously

I recommend ABC and Natural Magic as great starters!

I think this is a spiritual journey and only you can decide for yourself which path you want to take. But it's a good idea to read lots and get different ideas. Take all the things you want in your own version of this :) Look how people use tarot, some people in a psychological / sceptical way, some people religiously, some people communicating with the dead or the universe or spirit guides. I see this path a bit like this. We find our own way which suits us :)


Great post and great advice, Daniel. :)

Catholics make great witches ... its that early ritual training they get :) .... plus they have a 'Goddess'.

:laugh: yeah, and I am a good one! ;)


Natural magic ;

Aloe on burns (and used as 'plastic skin') and yarrow on deep gashes (I mean DEEP and long * ) works magic (compared to how western medicine treats those).

*Alexander the Great's physicians used to carry yarrow to treat sword and battle axe cuts - we are not talking about a little cut here ... I have used it myself on a cut that needed about 6 stitches (I know, I spent 7 years working in a hospital), results were astounding!


I didn't know that about yarrow. But, I do know that about aloe. I have two large aloe plants in our home. I also make a thyme gargle when my throat is bothering me, and I'm becoming somewhat known here in A.T. for my 'jello-tea' when you're stomach is upset, or you are feeling nauseous . Its also a great drink to consume after a night of drinking alcohol. I have lots of other 'natural' remedies from the kitchen that I brew up for many things. Now, I'm off to google about yarrow. :) thanks ravenest!