Why did you choose this deck?


Or, why did this deck choose you?

I've always loved Ancient Egypt and was browsing through the deck list. The other Ancient Egyptian decks just didn't feel right with me, but this one did. I had it on my wishlist for a while and eventually obtained it through a swap. It was love at first sight. I'm normally an oracle girl as I understand them much more than tarot with it's rigid (to me) definitions. But not this deck, I understand so much without needing the book and feel really connected to it's energies. It's my favourite deck after the Faeries Oracle.



If you're interested (and have a few hours! :laugh:), here's the link to the post I made about how I ended up with the AET for the IDS. The deck definitely chose me and not the other way around. I never expected to be using it, especially not exclusively for the last 6 months. But I've done incredible readings for people with it, so I'm going to continue to use (and study) it.


Dancing Bear

I have always been interested in ancient cultures.. unspoken languages, so this deck was right up my alley, with the heiroglyph.. and my interest in the history of egypt.. I am no expert in the area, but am enjoying learning all the time..
This deck over the others i felt pulled me more so.. the Lo Scarabeo Egyptian deck is one i will get , just for the heiroglyph.
But this deck is for reading with.. it spoke volumes to me when i saw some images of it..I was saving for the buckland romani LOL!
but this one pulled harder LOL!

I am so pleased with this deck , which i received this week..
I have been drawing a card a day at the end of the day.. just to see how it would relate to me.. It is seeming to touch a lot on feelings and thoughts more so than events.. so far.. it has been only a couple of days.. Tomorrow i will be experimenting with a reading for a friend.
I will post up tomorrow with the results ..

my gosh rodney the process you went through to choose the deck for the IDS it certainly does look like the Ancient egyptian chose you .. and i bet you are glad it did.. it is such an interesting deck..