"Wild Kingdom" playing card deck


Has anyone used the Wild Kingdom deck for divination? How did it work for you?


Each suit has its own personality. I wanted to draw the player in to establish a personal connection with each suit and card, which is something I've felt was missing from classic playing cards. I used a wide variety of animals that I felt matched each suit's personality, and each card feels like a character in a story.

The Heart Kingdom: Courageous and Loyal (lush leafy background)
The Spade Kingdom: Stealthy and Devious (briar patch background)
The Diamond Kingdom: Clever and Wise (vines and fruits background)
The Club Kingdom: Strong and Steady (wooden branches background)


I have not used it, CrystalSeas, but it is very, very beautiful!

There are some members here who use hedgewitchery and playing cards for doing futures. I be they'd love these! (there are also several members who collect playing cards, so I am glad you posted this!)

(I always wish artists would illustrate the minors, as well - illustrated pip cards for this deck would have been fantastic!)

I love how Kickstarter has brought so many new artists to us, in ways that were not possible before. :)