Will I Get the Job? - a spread


Did you just apply for a job? Did you send out a resume, or go to an interview? Are you wondering whether or not they're going to pick YOU for the position? Maybe this spread can help you out.


1. How you see yourself in terms of being qualified for the job.
2. The truth about your qualifications for the job.
3. Factors working in your favor.
4. Factors working against you.
5. The company's decision about you.

Good luck!


Hm, why has no one commented on this spread?

I think that last position is a very straightforward, obvious one that people (me! lol) could truly benefit from if they don't wanna ask the dreaded yes or no, "Will I get the job?" question.


Thanks :)


I don't know why more people haven't commented this! I just tried it retrospectively to the last job I applied for and didn't get, and this spread produced loud and clear answers. Thank you!


I just tried this spread using the Stella Tarot

I'm leaning towards a no on this one; applied to a position yesterday :(

1.9 of swords
2.5 of cups
4.The Hanged Man (my shadow card)
5.7 of cups


I just noticed that there were responses here. It only took five years to get them, but better late than never, lol.

Thanks to everyone who likes the spread. And I hope all of you get your dream jobs!