Wisdom of the Oracle ~ Readings

Kat Moon


So excited that my Wisdom of the Oracle deck came in today!! And I would love to do some readings. As long as you don't mind being a guinea pig.

A few things to keep in mind ~
1- I am wanting to try a broad topic, like a single word about the topic you want a reading on. IE ~ Work, Career, Family and so on.
2- If you have a specific question, please don't ask what so and so thinks of you.
3- And lastly, PLEASE leave feedback. I love hearing what people think on my readings

Sometimes it takes me a while to get back to everyone. Don't withdraw your questions, I promise to get to everyone.

I think that is it. Lets give this a try.

1 ~ Kittysashimi ~ Reading Done ~ Feedback Received ~ Left Thoughts
2 ~ em_idol_twins ~ Reading Done ~ Feedback Received ~ Left Thoughts
3 ~ zayats ~ Reading Done ~ Feedback Received ~ Left Thoughts
4 ~ CosmicBeing ~ Reading Done ~ Feedback Received ~ Sent PM
5 ~ Dartellus ~ Reading Done ~ Feedback Received
6 ~ Bonny ~ Reading Done ~ Feedback Received
7~ crystalrose ~ Reading Done ~ Feedback Received
8 ~ starchaser1277 ~ Reading Done ~ Feedback Received
9 ~ WolfSwan ~ Reading Done
10 ~ Honeysun ~ Reading Done
11 ~ Jdance ~ Reading Done ~ Feedback Received
12 ~ Bonny ~ Reading Done
13 ~ mahafrins ~ Reading Done
14 ~ Girl Archer ~ Reading Done
15 ~ Michellehihi ~ Reading Done
16 ~ Esk ~ Reading Done





Hi Kat :)

If I may sit: family

Thank you.


Hi! I'd love a reading. Topic: life


March (the month)


Hiya kat!

How are doing?

Topic: Spirituality

Thanks! :)


Hi Kat,

Month of March too please :)

Kat Moon

Yang ~ A Change in the Wind ~ Milk and Honey

Where you are now ~ Yang
This is the masculine side of the yin-yang. It has to do with action and creating something. My thought here is that you have already started to write something, that you are in the process of creating it. It is not finished yet, maybe the initial spark that made you get started has started to dim. But now is the time to get it finished. Use this energy to make it happen.

Action/Advice ~ A Change in the Wind
Be prepared for things to change on this journey. Maybe what feels like missed opportunities, or like you were over stepped for something that you wanting in regards to your writing. But know that all these changes were for a reason. That change is always around us. Nothing is set 100% in stone. Knowing that nothing will ever go according to plan, or that you will have to make changes to that plan; be willing to change. Whether that is in the direction that your writing goes, or the topic all together.

Outcome ~ Milk and Honey
(I love this card. Even though it is an baby elephant, I think of Cleopatra and her milk baths lol) As long as you are able to see this project through, you are willing to make the changes needed as you go along the journey, you are going to have success with this. You are going to enter a time, where it will take care of all of your needs. Be you, let your voice be heard in your writing. People will resonate with that authenticity.

Overall this looks like a very positive spread. There is energy around you to create and shape your writing to what you are wanting. The fire on this card hints at your passion for what you are writing about. Be prepared for changes. Nothing great stayed in one place, be willing to make the changes necessary. Opportunities for abundance will come your way as you finish this.

Thoughts here? Am I on track? (It is my first reading with this deck, I am excited for your feedback on it)

Kat Moon

Hi Kat :)

If I may sit: family

Thank you.

What is the energy around family right now ~ Observer
Is there something going on with you family right now? Something that is hurting your feelings? This card points to trying to see the other side. Taking a step back and really seeing everything for what it is or what the other side see it as. It won't do any more harm to step away and ponder what is really going on. Sometimes things aren't always what they seem, when you are really close to what is going on. Keep an open mind about this.

Action/Advice ~ Poised
Be confident in your own skin, know who you are, be ready for new beginnings. When you know who you are, and are happy with yourself; there is nothing to prove to anyone. You are the only you around. Be good with that. If you are not 100% loving yourself at the moment, take the time to fix that. Be the person that you are destined to be. Get ready for things to change a bit with your family. The changes will be good, but you need to be secure in who you are and what you bring to be able to set these changes into place

Outcome ~ Tick Tock
There is never a wrong time to open our hearts and give our love. Even when people are less then kind, it's always the right time to truly love them regardless of who they are. We have the ability to make our time be filled with whatever we want it filled with. Choose love, choose being kind, choose to accept people. Everything has a season, choose to wether this storm with love. You might be surprised to see how everything survives it.

Take the time to step back from whatever is going on. See and understand from their point of view. You don't have to accept their side as "right", but being able to see it will help you in your stance. Then take some time to be you. Really get to know who you are and get ready for the situation to change. And even though it is hard right now, be loving. There is never a bad time to love someone.

What are your thoughts here? Was I able to pick up anything?


Still taking? My topic is Career