Witches Tarot published by 2012/09/08


is there anyone who use this deck? would you like to share and study together? the background design of this deck is pretty.

Witches Tarot
author Ellen Dugan
Llewellyn Pubns

the Hierophant becomes the High Priest, Wheel of Fortune becomes Wheel of the Year, and Judgement becomes Karma.


Hi snowmoon,

If you want to find out whether there is a study group for a deck you'd like to study, just look in the Index of Study Groups at the top of this forum HERE.

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There is a study group for this deck and a few cards have bee covered.

Here's the index thread for the Witches Tarot: Witches Tarot (Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans) Study Group Index Thread
Feel free to start threads for cards that haven't been covered and to add to the existing threads.

Let me know if you need any help.

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups moderator