Working with the Fae?


Does anyone here have a working relationship with the Fae? I have had them coming to me in small ways over the last month or so. Yesterday in trance work they came through strongly and played. I had a harder time coming out of trance than I usually do and had to banish and ground quite vigorously. I also felt they wanted an offering, they were practically screaming for it, so I set one up for them. So now I guess I have a working relationship with the Fae. I don't mean that last sentence lightly, it really feels like something I accepted, but not something I actively chose or pursued.

I don't know a lot about them outside of the lore I've picked up and an experience I have with a guide who claims to be both Fae and ancestor. I also know a little about the history of faery myths in the British isles. I'm trepidatious because I've always learned that they are dangerous and to be steered clear of, I.e. don't enter into a deal with them, be wary of accidentally falling into their realm, don't thank them after a ritual, watch out because they are tricksters, dont talk about them or name them out loud, dont cross them, etc. In a historical setting I know there is a possibility that they are first peoples of the British isles who were killed or forced off their land and they are associated with sovereignty and that some folks claim to be descendants and that based on what my guide says that may include me. I am of scottish and irish descent and i found out about the historic connection after this particular guide appeared. I also know they can be powerful allies in terms of working with nature and creative ventures.

I've also heard a little about lesser Fae and greater Fae? But I don't know that much.

I just want to make sure I'm doing my homework and I understand what I am working with before I intentionally invite them in. Im a little concerned that they seemed to have invited themselves. So I would love to hear other takes on working with them and personal experiences. And particularly from folks who work with them on the regular.



Thanks Cleo, I will check her out.

No one has direct experience?



Well, I was getting some strong fairy (fae?) hits through my crystal scrying and dreams there for awhile so I KNOW there's a dimension out there in which they exist. But anything outside of this I have not experienced.

Here are a couple of threads that I started based on them. Maybe something in these threads could help you understand something about what you are going through..

Good luck...


Thanks for linking me to those threads. They were full of lots of information! I just talked to a friend of mine who works with fae. They essentially said that I should keep good boundaries and strike a deal every time in order to protect myself... i.e. "I will leave an offering if you help with xyz and you leave when I ask you to. If you dont I won't invite you back." So I am moving forward with that in mind. Probably going to research lore too if anyone has any leads.