World Tarot Day plans anyone?


It's coming up again on May 25 (it's also World Towel Day - and they do make lovely spreadcloths in a pinch). Anyone have any plans?

I typically offer free readings in cafes and bars to celebrate (tips in the form of cocktails are of course accepted).


Nisaba has got me all excited about this already! :)
Will this be the year I do her infamous 42 card tarot spread on a towel? - World Tarot Day Spread It combines World Tarot Day and World Towel Day


It's not just World Tarot Day, as Dan quite rightly points out, but World Towel Day as well, to celebrate the life, work and death of Douglas Adams, mayherestinpieces. His totem number was 42, and his totem items a tin of olive oil and a towel. Ergo, world Towel Day celebrates him by carrying a Towel all day in public. And World Tarot Day should be celebrated by a Tarot reading, I combine them, and do a FORTY TWO CARD Tarot reading on a Towel. Usually a very large beach-towel. :)

I've been doing this for a few years. It's fun, and gobsmacks people in the parks or clubs where you lay out your forty-two card spread.


How about we all post our readings on this very thread?


i signed up. too bad it's too late to order a towel with a tarot image on it ... i should do it for next year!


I have a small utility towel with a 42 on it that my fiance got me years ago. :)
While a 42 card spread would be way too much for me as I'm home sick from work this week, I might opt to do smaller readings on this towel for the occasion. I'll have to see how it photographs though, black!

Those books got me through early college and sparked my imagination, much like the cards have.


Happy World Tarot Day, all.