World's "Oldest" Novel, 54 Symbols and Cards


It is a tale as old as a thousand years as of 2007

1. If the Tale of Genji was the World's Oldest Novel...or among the oldest..

2. 52-54 crests sets

a.And the 52 Crests here, associated with the title of each chapter (scroll down to 52)

b. 54 crests here

(was this known as early as the Heian era? Only drawings dating back to the 12th century is what is left of the manuscripts)

And the game of incense, noted here...

And the emblems on cards, right here...


(museum photo to follow)

...then of all things that merge East and West, dating might be important...or perhaps not.

In any case, even the smell of things long ago evoke the aesthetics and ancients to be able to draw conclusions from symbols. Perhaps it was something that evolved through time.

But whatever games were played, even in they evolved...the profusion of such things are beautiful to re-discover and re-play, even today.

Best regards--and hoping this provokes the scent of good things...