Worthy of Nostradamus


If you have access to a Haindl deck, check out The Tower, especially the Rune in the upper right-hand corner.


For those of us who don't have that deck, would you mind telling us what the Rune is of? I'm intrigued....



yes yes .. i'm curious. Do tell, pls. ;D


I've written (emailed) U.S. Games for permission to post an image of the card. You really have to see it. I'll keep you posted (!) as to the progress of my inquiry. It shouldn't take too long...


I have the card before me - I know it's the rune EOLH reversed - what's the deal? Intuition is telling me look closer - leave the intellect: Bang, it hits me OMG - the plane!!!!! I've got shivers!!!!!!


Here's the conversation so far:


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> To Whom it May Concern:
> I have been using this deck for a year or so; after the attack on
> the WTC towers in New York, I naturally looked at The Tower card for
> some insight, and was amazed at what the card presented. I would like
> to scan and post an image of that card to a Tarot forum, as most of the
> users don't have access to a Haindl deck. I'm writing you for
> permission to post that one image, and also, if possible, to quote
> Rachel Pollack's paragraph (from the included booklet) describing the
> card's overall import. Thank you for your consideration.
> Sincerely,


Stay tuned.


Oh for pete's sake, just do a search....

Click here:


Then choose #16 for the Tower


First, Mojo: have i told you lately that i love you? :D

2nd: that is an incredible image in light of all that has happened. out of curiosity: what do those particular runes mean? i know that the one on the bottom left is the symbol for man. i'm not sure what the top 2 mean.

Rhiannon :)


Thanks. Do you have a URL for the text as well?


Click here:


Then choose #16 for the Tower[/quote]


According to my book, that symbol is for the Yew tree and the letter 'y' in some older alphabets and '-R' in futhark alphabets from the Viking age. These interpretations, of course, are open for debate since scholars don't really agree on what means what. This is taken from an interpretation of the Armanen Futhork:

"Woman-rune, instinct, greed, passion, matter, delusion, confusion, death, destruction, the negative feminine principle in the cosmos, night consciousness."

Mind you, I'm sure there's a reason why this particular symbol is chosen for the Tower card. It's probably a good idea not to read too much into it since rune meanings and theory are highly debated.