XV - The Devil

Bean Feasa

I've been avoiding this fellow - I know there are people who say he's a jolly old soul really, but I always feel a bit nervous around him. Must be my convent school background - the nuns were always warning us to steer well clear of him. Lol!
Anyway here goes, the ToP Devil, hmmm, lets see. The fact that this card is black-and-white in an otherwise colourful deck seems to imply that he can make things seem other than they are, or maybe that he can drain life of colour. Perhaps hell is a cold grey bleak place rather than a dramatic inferno. Is the patterning around the figure one of leaves and fruits? Looks like it. That, together with the horned head seems to hint at a link with Dionysus or Bacchus, the book tells us the figure was taken from a mural on a beer-hall, so maybe that's why. There's a scary sort of leer on the Devil's face and he looks as if he's clicking his fingers and the little people below must dance to his tune.
In an arched area below this towering figure there's a scene that could be from a play - it's a stage-like setting. Makes me think of people acting out, enacting their dramas. A naked woman tugs urgently at the cloak of a fully-clothed man. He's clearly intent on getting away. Is that a stick or sword in his hand or is it a tie or rope of some sort. It's a horrible kind of scene and you do somehow get the feeling they've both been here before and will be again. A powerful, unsettling rendition of the Devil.


He's got a real 'wild' feel to him in this deck and I have often interpreted this as a 'Yes!' feeling. The sort of wildness that comes with success, even. Perhaps a 'PARTY' feel. I like this interpretation of the Devil. I see it as having a bit of the devil in you, but not bad devil, more of a mischievous type of fun.


Bean Feasa

Hi Jewel-ry :)
Your post made me look again, and I see what you mean. He could actually be boogieing on down couldn't he. (Do people still say 'boogie'? Probably not, since they don't say 'disco' anymore, lol!) Thanks - it's good to see different facets of a card, different perspectives.


This devil seems to have a very big talent of music. By the posture of this devil, he seems to enact a pretty catchy tune. I think it is very good to have this devil in a black and white setting. Makes me think of those funny black and white movies.