XX -- Ancestors [Judgment]


The Judgment card in the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot is called Ancestors


The card shows a float at Carnival. Two loa ride the float and they toss gold and beads into the crowd. In front of the loa seem to be three bright lights (lights of knowledge?). The gold and beads turn into snakes as they fall into the hands of the people in the crowd. There is also a green snake painted on the side of the float, which represents Simbi, the loa of magick (he is often depicted as a large-headed snake...not to be confused with Damballah, who is almost always depicted as a large, red, boa constrictor-type of snake). Snake vertebrae are often used to create magickal necklaces of power.

The loa are depicted in this card as taking on the form of the Egyptian deities Horus (on the right) and Hoor-paar-kraat (I don't know what he does in the Egyptian pantheon). Though they are now spirit, they once walked the earth as humans.

The point of the card is to give reverence and respect to one's ancestors, as one who respects the ancestors respects him- or herself. With regard to "Judgment", perhaps this means that the ancestors are able to give final reckoning as they have already been there, done that at another point in time, and can thus accurately determine one's worthiness to ascend the float (go to heaven/hell/afterlife/reincarnate).

This card definitely does not follow the traditional RW vein of the Judgment card. I love the colors in it, they're so vibrant!


updated 06-24-08:

Two gods (one dressed as Horus, Egyptian god of the afterlife and the other) toss coins and jewelry from a float during Mardi Gras. There are lights on the float. The coins and jewelry turn into green snakes as they fall into the crowd, yet the crowd still reaches for them. The large, green body of Simbi the lwa of illusion and trickery is painted alongside the float.

NOVT book: honor of ancestors (who become spirits/gods that can intercede on your behalf from the other side of the Veil, which is the home of Horus).

Heaven/Hell: both are illusions? It’s a matter of perspective, just as the perspective changes from above the crowd vs. from within it: some crowdgowers see jewelry and coins, others see snakes.

This card can also indicate reaping what you’ve sown (negative deeds = snakes, positive deeds = coins, jewelry).

Lots of orange, red, green in this card; people in crowd have blue hands sticking up from red (calm within the storm; depression). Red=Hell?




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The ancestors stand on a float and rain down gifts from the spirit world to the mundane. As they throw things they change in midair, showing how the ancestors can answer our calls for material items with spiritual gifts.

The fellow on the left has his fingers on his lips, saying he will not speak or that we are to be quiet. In reflecting inwardly, we will know what to do with what the Ancestors have given us.

We cannot climb aboard the float until we are meant to, be it next year's carnival or later, because we are living.

I don't think this card has much to do with Judgement in itself, simply because Baron, Brigit or Oya deal with the judging of souls. However, this may reflect on the point that as you sow, so shall you reap... it isn't unheard of for nasty relatives to be shut out of ancestor reverence, or for not so good people to be caused bad luck by ancestors annoyed by their actions.

As always, this is just my interpretation.



Water Pixie


To me this card says (upright) you shall please your ancestors or elders in your actions. ALso, RESPECT is key hear. It is like I hear Aretha singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T when I draw this.