Year Card


With the recent events, my Year Card, 13-Death, has taken on new meaning!
Has anyone else noticed any possible correlations with their Year Card & current events or developments in their lives?


Mine is the lovers this year. And that's also my personal and soul card as well (you told me that, thank you). Choices choices, too many choices. Sometimes the choices are already made before I even realize I HAD a choice. Sheesh! I just can't keep up!

Rhiannon :)


Hi again,

I did the math and came up with 17 (Star card) for my year and 7 (Chariot) for my soul card.

Ok so this year is the year I volunteer for everything (So far I have) and make sure it's done my way.

What about next year when my card is (18) the moon?

Boy, I'm in a catty mood.....



I just found out that mine is The Hierophant this year ... i don't know if it's got anything to do with my education because i've been doing terribly in college the past year. Maybe because i realised that i hate my major and my college.
I do see some connection though between the card and the fact that i've been teaching myself a lot of new things, esp. the Tarot.


cj: I couldn't help laughing at the way you explained your take on your Year Card (17)& your Soul Card (7):"...volunteer for everything..." & "make sure it's done [your] way" :D You must know yourself very well :)
Depending on what your concerns were or what transpired in your previous year (16-The Tower), a Star Year would likely either put you more in touch with yourself on an inner level or do the opposite.
With the former, you may feel more of an inclination to be hopeful; to look for possibilities with what is before you; examine the influences in your life & act on those that speak to you. You may be motivated by altruism; tap your resources on the behalf of others (volunteer activities is a prime exmaple of this influence); act as a catalyst for others in literally shedding light on "dark" conditions. With the alternative, you can choose to ignore the opportunities for extending yourself & withdraw yourself as in hiding yourself--like hiding your light under a bushel. This latter approach is not necessarily a negative. It may address any excesses or stresses of the year previous (16-The Tower) & thus a need to conserve resources, to heal & regroup.
A Moon Year can be both frustrating & illuminating. Again, depending on the previous year (17-The Star), you may feel disappointed or disillusioned--that whatever the interest was, was not what it was cut out to be or what you anticipated. Remember the Moon's influence is two-fold. It creates illusions that may be deceptive, yet also reveals by reflecting hidden depths. It may well be a time when you are able to strengthen your intuition. The challenge would be to discern what is real & what is imagination or emotional baggage yanking on you.


Hoonoki: A Heirophant Year is an appropriate year for advancing one's education. The Heirophant pertains to traditional concepts; working within an established framework; dealing with authority. It can be said that in college, all those areas are covered :)
The general energy of this may suggest a continuation of the stabilizing influences of the previous year (4-The Emperor); however, the nature of 5 is conflict. It is through conflict that there may be growth. So while there may be some comfort being within an institutionalized atmosphere, there are constraints within same. Depending on the individual, one will either welcome the traditional structure or chafe at perceived limitations within same. This is the time when one learns what one would support or discard in the life. Being able to extract what is necessary from structure & yet also being open to expansion beyond the apparent will provide more of the particular experience.
That you are teaching yourself Tarot speaks of the process already begun.
Perhaps you can consider changing your major field of study, which may be influencing how you feel about your school as one is closely tied to the other. When one enjoys a course of studies, the tendency is to feel comfortable about the school as well. Consider investigating a change in major, if that is a "major" issue. Consulting with a school advisor may be helpful. If you know what field you would rather focus on, you may be able to change it before the next semester & not lose appreciable time in accumulating the credits towards another endeavor.
Some schools do not permit first years to declare a major for the simple fact that many students change their minds well before graduation!
A friend began her 5th year at the same university because she was unable to decide about changing her major until her third year. She took classes during this Summer to make up for what is lacking towards the current degree to avoid over-loading herself during the current school year.
Whatever you decide, may you find guidance & reassurance; & blessings in all your endeavors!


I did not know anything about personal, soul and year cards until I read your messages yesterday night. I have found out The Pope is at the same time my personal and soul card. My year card could be either The Strength or The Justice.



Thank you very much for the insight. It was (and will be) very helpful.



how does one find out these special personal cards????


Meewah, as you know ,my year card is the wheel of fortune. Major change, anything can happen .And so yes, I do see a correlation between recent national events and my year card! It is certainly a surprise major change in the world really. As for personally, I am moving to a new apartment and That is a change I wanted very much!