Yoav Ben-Doav has passed


AT member Falcor has posted this sad news in the Chat section. I thought I should post it here for people who might miss it there.

Yoav made a great contribution to the tarot community, and to the Tarot de Marseille community in particular, with his beautiful and very popular CBD Tarot de Marseille deck, and his thoughtful and insightful accompanying book, Tarot - The Open Reading, which Llewellyn will be publishing soon as The Marseille Tarot Revealed. Many members here have praised both book and deck.

Yoav also contributed greatly to AT with his cheerful, enthusiastic, and insightful posts. He will be greatly missed.

Ace of Stars

A terrible loss of a wonderful, brilliant, warm-hearted man. I feel so blessed to have had him as a friend.

Le Fanu

oh NO! That's terrible news. He was such a valuable person here who gave so much (both here and beyond). And he seemed so young and so full of good energy. I have a signed Marseilles from him with a lovely dedication which I shall treasure forever.


Sad news. Looks like he wasn't even 60 yet.


Lee, thanks for posting this news here. This is a real loss for both tarot and the spiritual community. He will be missed.


Oh, I am so shocked and saddened by this news. What a grand soul he was (and is).

Yves Le Marseillais

Yoav is still searching in another place

Bonsoir/food evening all,

Wilfried Houdouin just phoned me and informs me: To die at only 59 years is really a pitty.

It is typicaly type of person I would have met with pleasure and for sure we were on same move.

I hat off to this gentle man who gave all his sincerity in his tarot researches.

No doubt he found his own truth after this sudden heart attack and so passage to another level.

Another way to travel on his own road and no doubt he will keep on searching out of our limited radars...

Now he is more Le Mat as he ever was before.

Friendly from Marseille City,



some years ago I bought his app done by Ace of Star's company and I hadn't really explored it but I meant in future to buy his book and his physical deck and study the Marseilles using him as a starting point.

shocking and sudden news :( I will use it to inspire me to study his tarot and book in the coming years.

Laura Borealis

How very sad. :( All my sympathies to his family and friends.


Defiantly one of the major lights on the TdM revival going on. This is such heartbreaking news. We communicated back several year ago on tarot things and he was such a gracious and open person. A light on the altar will be burning for him in remembrance.