You could hear a pin drop!

Little Baron

Hey everyone.

It has been quiet in this study group for a while. You could literally hear a pin drop!

I suppose we have all been pretty busy in other areas as well.

Just thought I would start things up with an idea.

In another thread, Kissa placed a link for a new deck called 'The New Vision' tarot.

This deck is a different angle on the Rider/Universal Waite. All our favourite characters are there, but rather than see them from the usual angle, we see them from behind.

I had never considered what some of them may be looking at over our heads and it proves very interesting.

For example, we don't know just how the guy on 10 of Wands looks - does his face show stress or is he actually quite contented with his bundle?

Our three figures on the 6 of Swords - what do their faces show. Where have they been as apose to where are they going?

Who or what is the 2 of Pentacles protecting his discs from?

What fate does out blindfolded lady of the 8 of Swords about to walk into?

What expression does the guy on the 10 of Swords hold (aside from a lot of pain!). Is he dead or alive still?

This may be a bit of a strange idea to a lot of us since it just somebodies interpretation but it certainly is an interesting idea for debate and I am very interested to see this deck when it becomes available - I think it is in August.

The webpage that Kissa placed on the thread is

There is an example of The Fool (on the cover), The World, 3 of Cups and The Chariot.

What do you all think?

Maybe we could come up with our own ideas before we see the 'Vision' Tarots results.

Best wishes to you all



What a great idea! I'd love to talk about what's the other side of the cards. Will you pick a card, start a new thread, and start us off? Or how do you see it working?

Little Baron

I don't mind how we start it off. I am glad that you like the idea.

Maybe we can start off the thread here with a card and when people understand what is going on from our last two posts, we can open up new ones.

I hope that is okay with everyone as there are others here that start threads for this study group and I don't want to step on anyones toes.


Little Baron

4 of Wands

For me, this is a pleasant card when it enters a reading. The wands represent, as I see it, a gateway to somewhere that is happy and there is a sence of joyful abundance. The figures in the background seem to be dancing. Maybe they are following the two central figures, who are leading the way. Are these two figures dancing also? Are they waving? If so, who to?

If they are waving, I like to think that from their viewpoint, they are waving at more friends that have already passed through the Wand gateway and are now relaxing - maybe having a picnic on some grass, maybe dancing also. Four is a safe number and this card feels very secure.

In her book 'Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom', Rachel Pollack says of this card - "we see people marching out ecstatically to the simplest of structures, trusting in the sun to burn off any clouds of trouble". She describes their situation as an open one, rather than a defensive one.

Maybe the flowers that these women are holding are to continue decorating the wands with. Maybe more people are decorating other structures in the distance.

Just some ideas; look forward to yours.

I picked this one as it is quite an obvious one; we can kind of get the idea of what we are doing then. I am sure that other cards will be much more complex.