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Thank you for sharing the reasons and thoughts behind your hanging wall altar. I, too, love that! Its an easy way to have an altar when you don't have a lot of space. I can also tell you put a lot of thought behind it. Very nice and I can see that catching on! :thumbsup: :) I also love your outside altar too. Both give me lots of ideas for myself! :D


Top left there is a miniature of the mandala that I painted in contemplation of my Patron Deity
I love this - painted mandalas (and other patterns, images, icons) seem to be a connecting thread in many practices. Something about the made mark as both magical and communicative, the artist as in-spired (breathed into) by the Muse-Goddess.

Then the other 3 sections which contain cards are divided between:
1) A selection of cards that represent the particular Wiccan season/festival of the year.

2) A selection of cards which are the particular "spell" -.... Part of the idea of doing magic is - you do it, and then let it go/forget about it, trusting that if it is to be so and also be for "the good of all" [including all the efforts you have made on the mundane level towards it] - then it will manifest.).

3) A selection of cards that have just appealed to me at the time to add in - perhaps related in some way either to my "spell" or the cards representing the Wiccan season.

I'll have to look at my Old Path, Celtic and Arthurian decks for seasonal cards. I've always wanted to get a better understanding of seasons and the tempo of time, but it's tricky, here in Australia, because we're reversed to the rest of the world and its traditions. I've started watching the stars a great deal, looking at the positions of favorite constellations.

I have a friend who would read the cards in a 'proactive' way. She said she'd sometimes get a bad reading, then select cards and lay them out and say 'no, this is how it will be'.

Thanks so much for sharing, this is really inspiring.


Here's my Working Tarot Altar - on the wall.

Presently has a Yule Theme - shortly to be changed to Imbolc...
though no snowdrops just yet. It's Imbolc when the snowdrops are out. :)

The wall altar is such a brilliant idea! It would be great for those with limited space or for those who have small children or curious cats. :D