Your Faerie spreads, shared here just because...


Your Faerie readings, shared here just because...

I thought it would be great to see more of the individual cards in action, however you and your deck interact.

Most often, I only pull a daily Fae. Today, for no reason, I started shuffling and was intending to pull a daily card and instead I just laid out a daily mini Fae spread on no particular thing.

3 cards - Singer of Intuition (7) Singer of Courage (8) and Ta'om the Poet (29).

The first thing I saw : The singer of courage looks just like the spirit of the Faun fae card as well! There she is, the Faun's face!

Then, I notice 7 and 8 were right next to each other, though I had just shuffled a goodly while, and never keep mine in order anyhow.

A good look at the Singer of Intuition and lo and behold, I could see Her face for the first time! Abrstact shifted into reality. If you focus at the center of the card and start by looking at the 3 white dot cluster at the bottom of the light cluster "chain". Bwetween the dots, there are streaks whch suggest a chin. The lower, brightest white dot/blur looks like 2 hands, folded benath a chin.

Keep looking! Above the 3 white dot, there are eyes, and a nose, a shape of a long head is suggested as well. She is right there! All the time! Her message to me : Look deeper, when you think you've seen the same card so many time you can't see anything new, look again. You may yet surprise yourself, if you don't limit your vision. Intuition takes work, and repetition.

The Faun nodded in agreement. See? She was hidden beneath the Singer of Courage! Keep looking, I was here all along too. Her message to me : Sometimes it takes courage to keep looking. You may feel foolish, bored, or frustrated. Take heart. Her gentle spirit is with you in that effort to assist. You may not see her, but she is there.

Lastly, not leastly, Ta'om (Tom). His prickley skin is poking at me but I don't know why. He looks ahead, to the future, with hope and a poet's mad yearning heart. His message : Be passionate in the future. Burn brightly, tyger tyger!!

(namaste Poet Blake)

Just how the Fae happened to find me today. I hope you may pull out yours and seek more too! If so, post more here and let us know what your Faeries have been up to :D


A short 2 card reading

Recently, I found the strangest object in my craft (Fae) room, and wrote about it here under "My Fae folk are at it again" about 1/2 way down the page :

I've shown some friends of mine the plate, and one who is quite a bit more skilled in magick than me (who knows little to none) said it looked like they were trying to "contain something." If you looked at the plate, it's darker on the outside rings of the colored-in cirlce, and a little bit more opaque, but filled-in black, at the center of the circle.

I was intrigued, and told him so, but pretty much stashed the plate and forgot about it.

Today, I decided to do a reading about the oil can/paper plate incident to find out what might have been behind the whole event. I fanned the cards, face down, and waited for one to draw my hand.

I got :

The Soul Shrinker. That made me frown. Poor Shrinker, he doesn't have a happy face, does he? But, something about his eyes blurred while I focused on it, and I could see hawks' eyes at work. Long seeing, predatory. And sometimes helpful. His teeth continued to look pretty menacing and sharp though.

At the last second, my eyes fell on another card from the facedown fan, and I pulled it as well.

He of the Fiery Sword. Hmmmmmm. Now THAT made me think! I felt withiin the Sword card a sense of several hands, lifting us up, and protecting us during this time.

And, I thought about my friend's comments on "trapping evil".

And, THEN I thought about a very strange, and potentially harmful, occurance that did happen in our home (on the astral realm) during the late Fall, which I related in the following "Paranmoral activity" post, on the first page and then at length on the second page :

I have felt better of late, and mentioned the incident a little while back to my husband, who has neither seen nor sensed anything after that one time.

But I got to thinking, by golly ... I do believe my Fae folk are up to some serious business with this. And, I think They're protecting us! I don't know exactly how the whole thing works, but it sure makes for yet another interesting faery tale.


yay!!! i don't have any fairy decks, but as soon as i do...i'm coming here!!!!!


I'm feeling gob smacked right about now....

What occurs to me after doing Faery spreads, as opposed to traditional Tarot spreads, is how much they continue to resonate inside me, as I go about my day. I have thought and thought about this matter all day, since my posting of it earlier.

I am astounded at how these creatures, which I had never considered as Protectors before but only as Friends and Teachers, might be at work to help me. I firmly believe now that Soul Shrinker is here to help, that he is a warrior against this other Shadow thing that tried to hurt me. His nasty teeth and predatory eyes aren't on me, they're looking out *for* me. He's watching over me, and did you ever think the day would come when you'd be happy to have Soul Shrinker be your Faery Godfather??? :D

All day I've thought about this reading. All day, all day I've seen Shrinker's face, and Fiery Swords ghostly hands holding us (my family) up, while the white piercing light defends us and destroys the blackness. I have said several prayers to thank Them, and to reinforce the protection visualization (just in case ... the Faes help those who help themselves, after all).

I hadn't even put the 2 events together until the Faeries explained it to me today. Now, I can't stop thinking about it.

Mind you, I still have yet to read the book's definition of the cards, so I don't know (nor really care) what the book says. To me, as you all know, it's what *that* Faery has to tell you on *that* day (and in this case, in this particular spread) that is most important.

Shrinker wasn't here to hurt me, but to help me. I had never considered this aspect of this card until I put it into use by laying out a short spread. Until now, I've always seen him as a bit on the attack/aggressive and never been terribly glad to see him show up.

Boy HOWDY am I glad he's around right now!

These spreads are amazing, they continue to show you new facets to the Faery's personalities, and I'm hopeful other's might have what I'm feeling today.

But, even our every day spreads are worth story telliing about, so don't neglect to come and tell your own faery tale here (and that means you too napaea b/c I just KNOW you are gonna end up with a deck sometime, prolly soon :D)


Soul Shrinker is an amazing and gentle soul. He probably is out to protect you. It is our ugliness that we see reflected in him ... it is our kindness that makes him beautiful. He is a victim of humanity and I believe he tries to teach us to not be obscured and let others make us "ugly". I find Soul Shrinker to be one of the most empathetic and compassionate faeries. Being a protector would only be natural if you have established a relationship with him ... he is a true friend and will stand up for you.



I did a Mind/Body/Spirit reading last night to reacquaint me with the gentle folk whom I have been ignoring as of late.... I shuffled a non-reverse shuffle, cut into three piles and came up with the following:

Mind=Himself/Body=Spirit Dancer/Spirit=The Piper

I was struck immediately by the sensuousness of the three and the virility it seemed to portray. I used a spread worksheet from Mary K Greer's Tarot for Your Self with prompt questions. The first that asked me what I see I answered, "Male virility, music, and dance." The next question was "What Colors?" I noted the muted earthen tones. The next question asked me "What does the number on each card mean to you?" I noted the connections to the number 12: Spirit Dancer is 24 and The Piper is 36, both obviously multiples. Another thing is that I seem to want to associate Himself with 12. The number 12 has always had deep significance to me. I was born on the 12th and the Hanged Man seems to be my Major Arcana card in the tarot. I want Himself to be 12, *s*. Another question on the Greer worksheet asks to describe the card in terms of emotion. I answered that the "determined Piper pipes the woman to the dance, the man to the trance." I see them both in some kind of ecstatic state. Spirit Dancer seems lost in the dance, and Himself has that look that some identify as "high" as if he is on drugs... I see it as some kind of higher ecstacy. Another question that the worksheet asks is how the cards are facing each in relation to each other. The Piper on the right is facing his pipe in that direction as Spirit Dancer leans in towards dancing towards him... Himself faces forward but looks not at the reader, but off in some space. Seems the Piper is calling them away.

As far as the reading's significance to me.. I found it interesting that the Mind card was the Spirit Dancer..and that the Piper is the spirit.. it is the spirit that calls away my mind.... my muse lies in my calling to the spirit. Also my body card being Himself, he is such a charismatic character, sensual, but it seems a call away from seeing sensuality in a purely physical way, but towards a spiritual sensuality. I read about the cards and saw that Himself often dances at the gates of the Pipers calling, bringing the spirits in of the dead souls. I really loved this reading because to me it was a transition into a higher level, but one that does not lose its primal sensuality. I guess that is how I am seeing my life, still virulently sensual, yet moving towards that maturity that is looked on as not being youthfully sexual. I guess that I feared the loss of that eroticism, but now am realizing that it goes with me, and makes it deeper... Perhaps I should read up on Tantric sensuality..*grinning*

Ok.. well, I thought this would be short, but I guess it is not... hope I made some sense here...



Khat you made perfect sense. I also see the message of sensuality and that it comes from the spirit and remains with us always. We may age over time, but who we are matures but does not really change. I also see this spread as reflective of your interests of late (the CD you made), and a strong support for the "water" fae CD energies. I think I will have to try a 3 card spread tonight :) ... by the way I love Mary Greer's book. The exercise you did is one I use often when working with new tarot decks.

P.S. One more thing, you may not have been working with the "cards" lately, but I believe that you have been working with the faeries even if you did not know it ... the CD you made did not come out of nowhere ;)


I understood too.

I think the Fae have Their own sensuality, for sure (I mean, just LOOK at the Dark Lady, right?) And, I also felt a sense of that heady sensuality from Himself, and wrote about it in a different thread I did for him, so I deeply connected with what you were describing Khat.

Don't forget the Mermaid's songs, you little siren Jewel! Talk about sensuality in Faery land!

But what I find interesting is how your Fae worked together, and combined their messages for you in your reading. I find that endlessly fascinating, so I'm so glad you shared it here!

Of late, the Fee Lion keeps following me and is often my daily or dream faery. The other night, so was the Faery Godmother. I still feel protected. I think the work, if that truly was what it was, is done.


Alissa said:
Don't forget the Mermaid's songs, you little siren Jewel! Talk about sensuality in Faery land!

~chuckles~ yeah I know!!!! Wait until you see the card I am developing for the Second Aeclectic Collaborative Tarot (SACT) project ~giggles~. I was assigned the Queen of Cups and well lets just say the faeries have had their hand in designing this card. Too bad I am not a great artist, but overall I think I captured her essence very well ... and in mermaid style. She represents both the good and hidden qualities of the card. And she is singing :)


As some of you know, I only got aquainted with the Faeries recently. But they have such an impact on my daily life! I draw a card every day, and it never fails to make me shake my head in wonder.

I love reading your posts Alissa, your connection the Faeries is so strong. I've learned a lot from reading your posts.

The Soul Shrinker....Before I looked up the meanings, I completely misunderstood this card.
I have a close family member who I believe contributes largely to his appearance.