Your Kindred Elements


Oh, exactly how I feel. I didn't post in this thread because I love them all! If I could have my way, I'd live right on the ocean, because I just love the water. But, I would want mountains also in the view.

I am an air sign, and perhaps it is why I also love to feel a natural breeze on me. To have the windows open and allow the fresh air in! Delicious! We have an outdoor fireplace on our deck, and in the fall, winter and early spring, it's nice to make a fire in it and sit out there and relax with the husband and a good book. But, yes, like TCO mentions fire is also hate or love and the hate side of it is not so fun, is it?

The earth, well, I love having our garden and the fresh veggies to eat as a result. I love our trees--we have so many of them on our property. We do have a creek on our property, and I can spend hours sitting on our bench there that looks out onto the creek and the woods beyond. We often have and see deer in the creek getting a drink and then bounding off into the woods. Eagles nest there and other delightful creatures. We have hills and small mountains all around us in NY and mountain views galore in Vermont! Yes, I like and identify with them all. :)

edited to add, I'm a Libra and Pisces Moon. I do have a lot of water in my natal chart.


Earth for me, and especially rock. I love the sea, but I fear it. I love the wind, but to me it speaks too much of nature's immense power. Fire completely terrifies me - a function of living in Australia, I guess.

The solid earth under my feet, the mountain, the rolling hills - these are where I'm happy.

I'm thinking though, does it matter that our element might cause us fear? Extremes of anything, especially when you're talking about nature, are rightly feared. So I might have to reflect further on this.


I'm thinking though, does it matter that our element might cause us fear? Extremes of anything, especially when you're talking about nature, are rightly feared. So I might have to reflect further on this.
no, I don't think it matters that our element might cause us fear. Everyone has fears--and I think many fears. What matters is keeping it all in balance. who wouldn't fear an earthquake, though they are most comfortable with the earth. who wouldn't fear a terrible tsunami or hurricane, though they love the water? and a devastating fire, though they like fire? a tornado, though they are most comfortable with the air element.


oh that's interesting...

I never thought about whatever element one feels drawn to causing them fear, but I could understand that. One might feel drawn to lions, but fear them. Yes, I know not exactly the same thing, but just making the point that there may be a reason we both fear and are drawn to something and therein lies the lesson. I feel very drawn to air, to me there's something beyond magical in the wind, but I also took glider lessons because I couldn't decide if I was thrilled and had to do it or it frightened the out of me, I wound up taking some lessons! Maybe we're meant to learn something from our element and grow from that.

BUT THAT was a great fork in the road on this thread and I really liked reading that. That's what I love about AT and posts, you never know the direction they will take and I always learn something and/or am given something new to reflect on.


Earth, earth, earth! When I think of the elements, I can only think of them as they relate to earth. I can't picture them on their own. Earth--easy. Mountains, hills, grass, trees, landscapes of all descriptions. Water--can only see it as rain, rivers, oceans, always in an earth setting, never on its own. Fire--almost always comes to my mind as an erupting volcano. Air--I often forget about this element! I have to force myself to visual it and it is always treetops whipping in the wind.

So--it's earth for me!

Glass Owl

Definitely earth. I am most myself when I'm rooted. I love the feeling of sand and grass. As a child I loved digging in the dirt, climbing in trees, collecting leaves, and even now I'm drawn to sitting at the base of trees. I am fascinated by graveyards and I love watching tv shows about fossils and rocks.

I am not really a gardener but I have been growing a spearmint plant so now I can have mint whenever I want, lemongrass too. We also have some other edible plants growing in the yard and that has been fun. My home just feels richer and more alive with plants and trees in the yard, and I think it affects me on a spiritual level too.


Loved reading your post, Glass Owl!

The idea of the smell of fresh air is appealing. When I think of graveyards, that's what I think of, the freshly-turned earth smell. Just like I like all senses, I like all elements, but air, air is when I am element! When a storm is brewing, the wind kicks up, you feel the electricity in the air....that is when I feel strongest.


What a great thread to resurrect.
I am either greedy or a Libra rising. I love them all, and all mixed up more than one alone.
Favorite memory of place....Hiking up Fern Canyon from the ocean sand at Redwood National Park, seeing the sun light glistening off five different types of ferns hanging on the steep cliffs, smelling the salt and fresh air, touching the dirt and ferns as we climb our way up the steep creek bed, hearing the roar of the ocean and murmur of the creek. Hiding under a 100 year old huckleberry bush as the rains come down for half an hour, next to my love. More than 30 years ago now........

I love the cauldron: the messy, muddy earth and water, air, with the fire sparking and mixing it all.

seven stars

I'm Scorpio but I must be a ground dwelling Scorpio because it's "earth" for me.

Wind/Air - love it, Water - long for it, Fire - exciting, but earth is home.


Earth and water water water, I'm another Taurus who feels closest to the Queen of Cups. I love the sea, I love rain, running water, and I love ships.

I also feel at home with Earth - I have a herb garden and live surrounded by rocks and trees, very relaxing for me. My work desk is on the upper floor and all I see is green leaves.

I'm afraid of fire, much as I love warmth.

And I feel alien to the element of air.

My husband loves flying and parachuting but hates to be on the sea with so much water under him. I'm just the opposite, I'm nervous in planes and would never dare to parachute. But I feel completely at home at sea.

As art historian, I'm interested in the cultural implication of the four elements, four directions, four temperaments, four seasons, four rivers of paradise etc. I have a huge collection of material connected to the symbolism of Four, maybe because it's my favorite number? Vivaldi, Quattro stagioni pizza and the four houses of Hogwarts are all in my collection, but first of all of course tarot cards and astrological elements.

It's a pattern deeply embedded in Western culture.