Your Kindred Elements


me too , I like all of them

I'm Scorpio but I must be a ground dwelling Scorpio because it's "earth" for me.

Wind/Air - love it, Water - long for it, Fire - exciting, but earth is home.

Well ... scorpions are earthy ... maybe if you liked water you could be a sting-ray instead :)


Air is definitely my element. I adore being outside in fresh air, in rain, in snow, in sunshine, in cold, in heat. Natural air is very important to me. I don't like using A/C in the summer. I like to open windows and put on fans instead. I love clouds, storms, and weather phenomena. I love birds, angels, dragons, and creatures with wings. I'd love to be able to fly. I love astronomy, astrology, and all things upward.

Water is my second attuned element after air. In water and in the depths of the sea there is "floating stillness" akin to air. Water is the body's main element, where we began. I enjoy going to the beach, walking on the damp sand, and swimming. I also love winter, cold, snow, and ice.

Fire is my third attuned element. I can't stand hot days, and summer would be my least favourite season if I couldn't take a dip in the lake or walk in the shade. But I love the Sun, and cooking, and dancing, and other activities that evoke fire. My favourite fire object is a small tin lantern with punched holes for tea lights that provides a cozy, bright illumination and pretty patterns on the walls.

Earth is my least attuned element. Although I greatly love green trees on summer days, and the smell of plants after rain, and gemstones and crystals, and delicious fruits and vegetables, I always associate the earth with stillness. I have a hard time staying still; I want to get up and move, even if it's just a slow walk. Moving meditation is much easier for me than sitting and grounding. I try to make sure I attune with earth every so often just so I don't forget it.

I'm not sure whether this is due to astrological affialiations, but I'm a Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, and Gemini Rising. By sun and moon are elementally opposed to each other while there is a dominant Air from the rising.


I have an Aquarius Sun (air), Scorpio Moon (water), and Sagittarius rising (fire), but the elements I relate to most match up differently.

Mostly I'm water. I love lakes and rivers, rain and snow (when I'm not being too inconvenienced! and this past winter kind of quelled my enthusiasm), baths and showers, and even occasionally the seaside, though not that so much. Air I love for the freshness and smells, but not wind! Fire is for campfires and candles, which I love, and for the sun's warmth when all else is chilly; but otherwise it's too problematic. I used to say that earth was the element I had most trouble with, but I've come to realize that I identify with it much more than I used to, or maybe I just didn't realize what that affinity was. It is true that I used to have trouble grounding, but I've improved a great deal. And I've always been emotional, but with an agile mind and a taste for cerebral pursuits. It's energy and will that are my weak points, which are usually represented by fire.

So I guess my psyche really needs them all, but my heart is still given to water.


The element I feel the most affinity with is air. I'm an aquarius too and I have lots of air in my chart. I like to live high above in appartment buildings, I also like the wind, I leave windows open in cars. I've always loved storms and lightenings.

The second element I have affinity with is earth and my rising sign is virgo. I like the grounding effect of earth, nature, plants.

I have no affinity with fire but also no bad or negative feelings about the element. And I usually find people who are fire signs fun to hang with.

The element I have the least affinity with and have negative feelings about is water. I've always been scared of water, maybe it's because I almost drowned once when I was very young, I've never really learned to swim. I have no problem in pools where I can see and reach the bottom, but it's rather lakes, rivers and oceans where we cannot see the bottom, and I imagine monsters who would grab me and drag me deep below or some black hole taking me below water. I don't have issues being on boats and canoes though.


In case you can't access the video, closrapexa has shared a video showing the kids (each representing a different element) from the cartoon "Captain Planet" coming together and uniting their elements (resources) to solve a problem. Most excellent share, closrapexa! I personally believe that one needs to build a relationship with each of the elements, both separately and combined. Several years ago, I was very water-centric. However, with work, I have been able to embrace fire and no longer fear it. I feel better all the way round after having spent quality time with each of the elements. At this point in my life, I am working more with earth.

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