Your knowing Faes are there.

Wisp Wings

This thread really needs a longer title, being.... "Things that causes you to "know/sense" faeries presence with you".

We may believe and feel that they, one or more, are almost always with us. I believe this is true for those that have encounter them and their calling to us. What I am asking that we share here is while you can share an individual experience or story of them, it is more about asking about is there some sense that you have with your five senses that when you're experience this or that thing, you sense in a sixth sense, if not literally seeing them that, you are picking up they are there.

I will tell of three of mine in the next thread to start this thread off.

Wisp Wings

Three that I have

Two of these are similar.

1. Seeing sunrays streaming down to the earth from a canopy of trees.

2. Hearing any water bubble, but especially a nature waterfall or brook.

3. Seeing waterdrops on outdoor plants. This one never fails me. It matters not if it is dew, raindrops or water from from hose watering my plants. The plants are vivid and more alive and there is an added sparkle to the water on them. I sense them and I can connect with them and very often have the transfer of thoughts between us.

Share yours!


The clattering of pine cones rolling down my roof ....

The wet sound of snow falling off trees into snowdrifts ....

Seeing tiny flicks of embers escaping the flames of a fire, or popping and dancing inside woodstoves ....

Seeing the current year's crop of backyard clover, with about a good dozen+ 4 leafers out there this year, fade and wither away (until next year) ....

Magick Rainbow

1. Feeling their energy as I go outside and be with my plants and flowers.

2. Things going missing in my house, (My crystals and sparkly small objects)

3. Visitng the Faerie realm before I read Faerie oracle cards.


1. Moonbows, and the moonlight thru clouds

2. Sundogs, or angel escalators

3. My children laughing in their sleep

4. Losing things then finding them in odd places

5. Seeing "faces" in mountains or trees


This is such a beautiful question.
I know the faeries are around :

When I'm doing some very ordinary thing (like folding laundry ect.) and a sense of absolute contentment envelopes me. Like warm honey.

When I'm around trees.

When I light a candle.

When the refrigerator light thats been out for 5 years suddenly turns on.

Whenever I think about them.


When I'm laying in bed and the moon shines just exactly so through my window, and bathes me in her light

When my new puppy is barking her head off at some invisible being in the kitchen, and won't step a foot inside

When I hear music outside in the woods

When I am walking through my woods....I feel so watched there, but safe. They love it when I clean the place up, bit by bit. We have an old house where they brewed moonshine and constantly find bottles and other debris around.

When I clean up my room and set up my altar. I did that over the holidays and could feel their appreciation.


I just love this helps me to remember to make note of faery-sightings.

Last night I was out on the deck in the hot-tub watching the sky. We have a snorkel hot tub which has a woodstove submerged into a round cedar's quite lovely. There were fire-faeries flitting out of the top of the stovepipe and my daughter said, "look - we do have fireworks" because on 12/31 we were lamenting the fact that we didn't have any fireworks saved for the New Year.

But the faeries came through, with lots of spark.

Ruby Red Slippers

As I often do, read these threads, and think upon them as I go about the day. I was thinking of this thread the other day, when I smelled wonderful flowers, a sweetness flying by on the breeze, with nowhere in site that it came from. I have always thought that when this happens it was the faeries reminding me of their presence.

I also hear instructions, during a project....sometimes, I just have to stop and ask, "What?" I always get an answer. Master Maker seems to always be around, during creative activites! "Do it this way", "do it right", Anything worth doing is worth your best".....Yadayadayada....LOL

Thanks for revising this thread, thanks to all here who have given the faeries their voice and presence in our lives. I feel enriched with them.....