Your true Niche in Life


Have you ever been at something you think is the right career choice or the right choice in anything for that matter and you wake up one morning and say "This ain't it." A friend not but a day ago asked me about it and I decided rather to use a tried and true spread, I decided to make one of my own for her query. It worked out so well, that I also decided to share what I have created with you all.

It is called your True Niche in Life Spread. It looks like this.






1.Current Situation
2.Why it isn't/is working
3.What are your Strengths?
4.What are your Weaknesses?
5.How do you combine strengths & weaknesses to find your niche in life?
6.How will you find it?
7.Where/When will you find it?
8.Who will help you find it?
9.Your true Niche in Life is,...

If you notice the positions, the 1&2 3&4 are going away from the center, the 5&6 7&8 are pointing towards the center. This was done as things pulling you away from your center/truth and things pointing towards your center/truth. I had some fun with this combining a Tarot deck with an Oracle and came up with a great reading chocked full of information. But you can just use Tarot or an Oracle with this spread. It is very versitile. It can be used for specific query or just a general.

Have fun!!!


ETA: Please, when you use this spread, use it with NO REVERSALS!!! It was designed with having cards upright. There's enough gloom and doom with them upright, than to add more with reversals.


Wow. I need this one in my repertoire. Very well done.

le pendu

I need this right now!

Thanks very much, looking forward to giving it a try!



I need it, too, to make sure I am on the right path. Check out my reading here.






absolutely awesome spread - i did it and it confirmed my deepest intuitions
thank you


I am so happy this is working for all. One suggestion that KK made was perhaps on #6 ask how will you find your niche or not find your niche. There is a right and a wrong way and so many of us try the wrong way first. (ME THAT'S ME):D So that I think is important to discern as well and might make the cards clearer to you with that added bit.

Thanks for the positive and suggestions on this gang. I appreciate it and glad to give back something to help.



Thank you Baroli52 for this excellent spread... I just tried it and really liked it. My only problem was card number 9... I got the Chariot as my niche. Any ideas about what that could mean?


I will PM you with an idea, OK?



Oh thank you Baroli52, that would be wonderful! I will definitely use this spread again, thanks again for sharing it with the community!