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A friend recently gifted me with the Woodstock Zenergy Chime. I love it for "clearing". I use it about twice a day to clear out all the nooks and angles in my vintage attic. It adds a lovely feeling to my space. Just sharing. I believe mine came from Isabella catalog, but I'm guessing they're available other places. Anyone else have one?


I have one, too and I also use it to cleanse the house. I love it! I bought mine at a local new age store.


I used to have one, but I gave it to a friend. They are useful when you don't want to use incense or smudge because of allergies or sensitivities. They were pretty reasonable if I remember correctly (from Isabella Catalog).


Yes, BodhiSeed, they are!

I got mine as a gift, but I get the Isabella catalog and they were, I believe, 12 dollars plus shipping in the last catalog. I love scent and sound to cleanse, but I can't use too much incense, although I do love it and this chime just seems to clear all the nooks and crannies and angles of my attic loft!

Autumn Spice

I was not sure what this was so I looked it up. I'm curious, do you have one chime or more on your chime?

My sister use to use sage to clear the house. Her husband is very allergic to most stuff like that. She can't use it anymore.

Do you need more than one chime to clear the house?
I just looked very quick and saw one to 7 chimes on the wooden holder.

Her birthday is this month. This might be a great birthday gift for her. She mentioned not being about to use incense and sage just a few weeks ago.

Briar Rose

I have a 7 chime one. I love it!!!! I got my off Amazon for $54. with the shipping! Good price. The tones really last a long time. It really helps balancing the Chakras and cleansing the Crystals with sound.

I replaced some of the Crystals that came with it, and I used the Sanskrit names on the top.

Let me share a picture. I got the little Chakra symbols from Anodea Judith's DVD: The Illminated Chakras chart that came with the DVD. But now I am out of colored printer ink or I would send them out to you! The chart is really nice. Oh may maybe I can take a- I just posted a pic of the Symbols.

I notice on different days, some of the chimes seem a little different or rather more appealing to me. Maybe I am either needing them or resonating with them. What do you think?

There is also a few youtube videos. Not many though. That is where I got the idea for personalizing mine.


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Autumn Spice

Briar Rose, It looks pretty with the stones on top.

Briar Rose

I highly reccomend the 7 bar chime. It balances the Chakra's and everything else around you when you use it. It is a highly vibrational tool that is worth the $50. on Amazon. Especially if you are interested in singing bowls in every tone, but don't have the opportunity to purchase each one. The Zenergy chime will do the same healing and toning.

It is great! for sound cleansing- which in my opinion is the best method.

And when you use this, and other high vibrational tools you can expect your life to change.