Zero Card

diane drizzy

I've been giving my zero card some thought. The problem is though I don't picture it as a faery, but rather as a single pine tree against a twilight background. Would this acceptable? :confused:


Sure, I think anything that comes with a feeling of "rightness" works! You might think about what that pine tree in twilight means to the faeries.


It would definetly work! Take a look at the Oakmen ....

Laura Borealis

I dreamed that there was a card with a beautiful oak tree in my deck, with huge spreading branches. I haven't drawn it yet, but that's going to be my 0 card.

I think your pine tree will be most appropriate. :)


I met my personal fairy a long time ago only I have no idea how to paint her on the zero card.
I know she is there though, perhaps I'll just draw her anyway, no matter how bad I draw.
Too bad I can't take her photo;-)

Or maybe I CAN!!!
Well, not hers but at least a photo that makes me think of her.

this is the one I was thinking about:


What *gorgeous* colors, jema~! I can see this as someone's home alright... or perhaps, someone hiding as a leaf, for now... ;)

You're very talented!


Thanks, problem is how to stick it onto the card so it won't peel off. any ideas?


Is there any way you can save it on disk or CD and see if one of those copy places can print it directly on your card? or if you have the capability that might be another way. Then you can spray some type of artist fixer that isn't sticky to protect it during shuffling. Not sure if this will work, just an idea.

The picture of the leaf is gorgeous, the colors are amazing ... definetly out of the faerie realm :)


hey, i found this on the net:
now if only i can find it in a store around here, seems to be a most excellent way to transfer images!


If you don't have it locally they do ship!!! Hope you find it, keep us posted.