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when I first started with tarot and oracle cards, I really believed that what came up was selected by the universe and displayed randomly. We had nothing to do with it and it wasn't completely random, it was chosen by destiny if you like.

Over the years I am really convinced otherwise and do agree with you OctoberSpiritChild. great thread topic to start!

I am a good shuffler but I am lazy when picking the cards for each position. I just deal off the top, I know some people pick each card and say "for this position". I shuffle with the question and topic in mind and then deal. Somehow the positions do fit nearly always! So I think it is connecting with the subconscious and energies. I also have had messages pushed in front of me that are very important and sometimes instead of what either I or a sitter want to know. It has to get the message out there at times! I've had too many experiences now to think otherwise but it is just a tool for your subconscious. With a lot of work I think it is possible to access without any 'tools' but they are helpful (and fun!)
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