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Originally Posted by BrightEye
Rachel Pollack in The Body of the Goddess links the shedding of the lining of the womb during menstruation with the snake shedding its skin. I don't know whether she can back this up or whether it's just her own assumption, but it's an interesting thought nonetheless.
It's an association that's often been made within the WomanSpirit tradition. Fits right in with Eve and the serpent - especially when the serpent is equated with Lilith, Adam's first wife.

I wonder whether the 7 of cups could be alluding to the older goddess religion (which in turn are linked to the Marian cult). Is that what you meant by the mysteries that precede the mysteries of Christ? And would they really be illusions - which is the general meaning ascribed to the card? And if they are regarded as illusions, would that make the Rider-Waite deck distinctly Christian in its message?
The earlier mysteries include those associated with the Goddess but also others - I'm thinking primarily of the Greek, Roman and Egyptian mystery traditions that Waite himself often refers to in his other works. He speaks of them has being limited precursors to and foreshadowings of the Christian mysteries. Waite was very much into the Christian mysteries and his intentions for the deck cannot be thoroughly understood without knowledge of this. The suit of Cups is a perfect illustration for Waite's retelling of the _Metrical Romance of Joseph of Arimathea_ by Robert de Boron.

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