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Alta - I think I have to post this here, in spite of everything. I hope you will forgive me.

I know it is creation but everyone involved will SEE this here.

Milfoil has spoken.

FIRST prize - the Mousey deck with the bag by Lillie - goes to

AllIsOne (which is hardly surprising given the number of chances she had bought !!!!)

Second prize - the Nonny deck with the bag from Baba goes to Alta.

I would say send your addresses now - but I actually know both. There is just - Alta - would you rather wait till I see you ????

YAY Myce.

$480 less paypal fees goes to Griz in the morning. (+ a donation I seem to have received. Must investigate that....)

Thanks to everyone who has helped in any way with this.

I love you all.

This thread can now be closed. Wheeeeee !

Oh - except please note - artist pdfs will now be sent out. Watch spam boxes as they often end up there. You can expect THREE emails each, as they are large. In the morning !
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