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Frankendecken; Instructions & General discussion

Frankendecken; Tarot of the 78 Spares is the fruits of a project by AT members to create a tarot deck entirely made up of spare, orphaned and loose cards. The aim was to create a deck from these cards without repetition, i.e a deck could only be represented once. The result is a deck of 78 cards from 78 different decks. Members from around the globe sent their cards to me and the deck then set about travelling the world, spending time with those members who collaborated in the project. It all started here. This thread has now been closed and here is the place for general discussion and chat about the Frankendecken.

Those of you who participated, please bookmark this thread.

The list of participants and the order of mailing, which documents the deck's progress is here.

At least 2 people before it’s your turn, PM the person after you to make sure you have their address and that they are there and ready and expecting it! DO NOT mail the deck to anyone who fails to answer you; instead, post in the progress thread and PM me. Any emergency, please PM me as I cannot promise that I will check the other thread every day. Probably the best thing is to mail it to the person after the one who was supposed to get it – after checking with them, of course… With the travelling deck, we once had a guy in Brazil go missing for a week, but he was back in time to take it on before it left South America…. Keeping tabs is very important.

When you receive the deck, take note of the following;

Keep the deck for 7 days. Please post on the 8th day at the latest. This may sound like a very short time but remember there are 34 of us and a lot of time will be spent with the deck between participants and waiting in mail deposits. Having the deck in your possession for 7 days means that at least it will span a weekend so you should be able to have some quality time together. While the deck is in your possession, enjoy it, take it out and about with you, show it your local sights. Take it to a park and go though the cards one by one in the sun, enjoying the artwork. Do whatever you feel like doing! Frankendecken is a beautiful creature to behold.

When it’s time to pass it on, and wave Frankendecken on his merry way, send me a postcard from your area (you should still have my address from when you sent me your cards), pack the deck up well; DO put the deck itself - and the patchwork pouch - in a plastic bag in case of rain, dog pee, or (as happened to me once) a broken bottle of olive oil which was in the packet that was leaning against my packet etc. Mail it on to the next person on the list. Do NOT add anything to the package unless you have a burning personal need to send a gift to the next person on the list, in which case you are stuck with the extra postage but no-one else is! When mailing, BE SURE to mark it as a gift and put the value low. Customs can be a nightmare. They'd hate to think we were having fun.

Write up your experiences with the deck, your thoughts about it, whatever; take photos but post those things in the journal thread here. Do NOT post anything else there. Any other posts will be deleted. At the end, the journal will be converted into a pdf file, with the photos in, and gregory will email it to anyone who wants a copy.

And one last thing; please send Thorhammer a PM saying where you are so she can mark you on the itinerary map. Then we will have a complete record of exactly where Frankendecken has been.

This is the thread for general chat about the deck. Think of this as also replacing the other thread from Tarot Deck Creation, which was closed. Remember, as the deck is nearing the end of its journey there will be lucky draw. Someone special will draw a card from their favourite deck and the collaborator who corresponds to that card will be the lucky winner of this unique deck, which will come to you imbued with the fond affections & tarot love of AT members! The winner will also receive all the postmarked postcards from the members who participated.

Below is a list of the cards from the deck, who contributed what and which deck the cards all came from. For easy reference.

Here is an index of all Frankendecken threads.

There is also a thread dedicated to Readings with the Frankendecken; participants should feel free at any time to offer readings & add to it if they wish. The thread can be found here. Offering Readings is not obligatory.

Non-participants can post in this thread but not the other two threads!

Update; July 2010
WendyWu has kindly offered to send front-and-back scans of all cards to participants. In order to maintain the element of surprise, they will be sent out after the deck completes each leg of its journey. At the moment there are 5 "legs";

Canada (to date, Alta only, possibly Rasa in Uruguay)
U.S.A (and possibly Rasa in Uruguay)

Each time a leg has been completed, Wendy can send out scans. Think of it as a souvenir to remember Frankie after he's gone. Wendy will also include a "how to print" guide. Printing is easier if all the images are the same size.

When the deck has finished your "leg" of its journey (and if you want scans), send WendyWu a PM with your email and also say whether you want scans of cards as they are, i.e to scale OR, standardised to one size to make it easier for printing.
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