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Originally posted by Umbrae
[BPS; I’m terrified to think about the death card. Will this deck need a disclaimer (“No actual animals were injured in the making of this deck”) [/B]
Oh - dear, yes, the Death card. I have a feeling that it will be difficult indeed. The Tower and The Devil are more or less done and in fact weren't too hard. But Death? Not an easy one to do.

I don't want to go into all the details about how we've managed these pictures, but I will say that technically it was much harder than we expected. A photography session with cats usually takes two to three hours as one issue is that they have to get used to us and trust us - otherwise as Alex says, all we get is photos of cats looking suspicious! We also tend to arrive with toys (those feathers on sticks ones are just great) and we have been known to use the whipped soured cream available here - for bribing! (it doesn't upset cats stomachs the way ordinary cream can). But in the end, we just rely on incredibly kind owners - the book and site will have full credits to all the people who have participated. Plus we want to build in some way of making donations to the cats homes here - amazing places, we met one feral that it took TWO YEARS to domesticate - they do not destroy cats, but instead keep them for as long it takes.

Whoops Umbrae and Hudson, bit off the subject but it is nice to talk more about the cats themselves.
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