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Hi Karen,

Many thanks - we love doing this deck, although I have to say that some friends here think it is very strange - but our friends who are into cats are very supportive.

Our Two of Swords is going to be good I think, but she isn't a cat we photographed ourselves. The cat society here has taken to sending us photos (you see what I mean, they couldn't be more helpful really) - and this one actually has a most wonderful expression. Anyway, hopefully I can get it up here soonish to show.

The deck will be out in April we think, but will take two months to cross the Atlantic so probably won't be in bookshops in the US until mid summer at best. However, we will of course sell it directly off the site. Good news is that it will be a little less expensive than Tarot of Prague we hope - not exactly sure yet, but we think we'll print more to keep the cost down. We may also do a collector's edition - with very large cards (and only a very few sets - we thought 100 or 150) but honestly this depends on if it's feasible and if people really want this. I do think some of these cards will be very frameable, but maybe we could simply do prints? Still looking into all this.

Thanks again to everyone for the enthusiasm!
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