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Does tarot attract any (bad) spirits?

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Fundamentalist Christians are taught conflicting things. They're taught that the God they worship is all powerful, but then they're taught that they've got to be ever watchful and on guard for all these demons and the Devil who can snatch them right out of God's hands, but yet again they're taught that "nobody shall snatch you from My (God's) hand" from scriptures. It goes on and on. The poor followers get so confused! And they get so afraid of anything and everything---I'm so glad I don't do that anymore! The reason they're taught to be afraid to investigate anything outside what their leaders teach them is because then they'd escape the worst danger of all---their leaders!

The cards are what you make of them. I don't use them to summon spirits. I wouldn't even know how nor do I care to know how. On their own, evil spirits have nothing whatsoever to do with the cards.
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Yeah, that search function seems haunted in itself....

See what I did there? Didya? *ahem* sorry, too much coffee today.

Anyway, I haven't had an opportunity to put my tuppence in here...

Nope, decks in themselves can't be haunted. (Though I had a 'friend' who swears one of my decks was once, which was a load of tot - I later learned she only wanted them for herself and it was just an elaborate plot to get me to give them to her...needless to say we are no longer friends).

What you CAN sometimes get, though, if a person is clairsentient (and for those who are unsure, or who can't tell the difference, then it can seem like a haunting) are feelings and senses coming through the deck from either someone who has previously owned the deck, or from the creator of the deck. Now it takes a very strong clairsentient to sense it from the creator, and that usually comes through the deck, rather than from the deck - so every pack of that particular deck would feel the same - even seeing the images online would evoke the same senses. Now, i have to admit, that is incredibly rare - I've only had one deck that I've felt the 'residue' as I call it of the deck creator, and I've seen a few others online, but not many. Sensing the residue of previous users only happens with second-hand decks, and they are easily cleaned and washed away. I've never come across any spirits being attached to Tarot decks, and it certainly doesn't attract any. At least, not unless you invite them, and you have to do that specifically. My Guardian Spirits, for instance, usually appear when I'm laying out a spread, but only to help and offer advice, but they, as are all guardian Spirits, are attached to me, not to my deck.
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Umm, it may attract comments from people... may attract comments from people who feel compelled or curious to see what two people are doing with cards. Funny thing is if you are showing a book to someone else, hardly anyone stares over your shoulder to see what the text or pictures are, but if you show cards, sometimes people just feel happily interested enough to comment or look over your shoulder.

So in terms of 'bad spirits' it might be attracting eyes or looks fromsomeone having a bad day who shares their 'bad spirits' story or 'fear of evil'. My method in public of hiding cards under napkins and menus or quickly moving them away just as food arrives can amuse my husband. It's not fear of evil that inspires this behavior from me. It's just I don't feel like sharing about cards all the time.

Hope you can enjoy your cards without fear!

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I agree with CelticDruidess!
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Originally Posted by nisaba
moaning because all the bad spirits will have drunk the very saliva out of our mouths until they feel like dustbowls, and are rattling around in our eyeballs with sledgehammers trying to get out.
Oh my, what a description. I started to get a hangover just reading it.
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Originally Posted by Grizabella
Tarot won't invite any spirits unless you invite them. A Ouija board---now that's a different story. Just use the cards, don't invite any spirits, and you'll be fine.
Very true,

Tarot itself won't invite any negative spirirts. But if you have a strong fear that negative spirits might be attracted to you, that might attract something...They say that you attract to you that which you most think about. But that is not because of Tarot. It's in the mind of the person.

If I had a strong fear that any time I washed my hair some negative spirits might show up and any time I washed it I was focused on thoughts of that, then I might attract some. Extreme example, but it's just to make a point. There is no danger in Tarot in and of itself.

That being said, I've been reading for years, and I have had nothing but loving energy full of light and love from my cards. I have never had anything less. I am not even sure I beleive in negative spirits myself, as I have never had any experience personally with anything of the sort, but I do beleive that we attract to us what we most think of in life, and if we are worreid about somethign we can attract more of it to ourselves just by the act of worrying.

I personally don't spend my time thinking of any kind of negative spirits and I've certainly never had any experiences of that kind at the age of 52. When I read I address my questions and concerns to the light (in my case and belief system to my angels ) and that is where the answers always come from.

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I am now imagining somewhere in the universe there is a message board for malign spirits and in one thread they are asking to be de-enabled from being attracted to particular decks. Somewhere a gremlin and poltergeist are trying to convince a particularly willful imp that it shouldn't go too close to any more pricey limited edition decks.

The real question is which dark entities post both on that forum and this one.

*Squints eyes and starts peering at the regulars*

Does someone smell sulphur?
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Originally Posted by Shade
Does someone smell sulphur?
<covers -er- base chakra with hand and looks embarrassed>
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Originally Posted by Grizabella
Tarot won't invite any spirits unless you invite them. A Ouija board---now that's a different story. Just use the cards, don't invite any spirits, and you'll be fine.
Hmmm.. interesting point of view... so what about the quest tarot then, which touts itself as also having ouija board like qualities? LoL

But I agree, if you don't specifically set out to contact spirits and don't invite them then you will be fine.
Although if you're that worried about it, ask your guides to shield you from negative spirits, whether you know your guides or not...
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The crowned one 

I think the Spirit board ( Ouija ) works well for most because it is used with the expectation of attracting spirits; tarot is not; in-spite of many common materials to produce each. We seem to often get and see what we expect to receive.
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