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OK- A Poll for Tarot Readers' Sun Signs

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View Poll Results: Tarot Readers, What's your Sun Sign?
Aries 20 5.04%
Taurus 41 10.33%
Gemini 27 6.80%
Cancer 32 8.06%
Leo 52 13.10%
Virgo 40 10.08%
Libra 33 8.31%
Scorpio 30 7.56%
Sagitarius 34 8.56%
Capricorn 28 7.05%
Aquarius 28 7.05%
Pisces 32 8.06%
Voters: 397. You may not vote on this poll

BC Hockey Mom  BC Hockey Mom is offline
Join Date: 27 Feb 2003
Location: Langley, BC Canada
Posts: 73
BC Hockey Mom 

Scorpio pulls into SECOND!!....go scorpio's go!! Don't know my rising, but my moon is CANCER!! it's water/water for ME!!

BC Hockey Mom
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Gerbear's Avatar
Gerbear  Gerbear is offline
Join Date: 07 Aug 2002
Location: Southern California
Posts: 1,361

The Cancers have temporarily faded, but my moon is Scorpio, so the tide doth turn !!
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Violet Gargoyle's Avatar
Violet Gargoyle  Violet Gargoyle is offline
Ultimate Zero
Join Date: 07 May 2002
Location: Buffalo, NY
Posts: 705
Violet Gargoyle 

I am a Gemini- Do I get to vote twice?
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RAVENAL's Avatar
Join Date: 13 Feb 2003
Location: NY...everywhere and everywhen...SHADOW SHADOW BUTTERFLY RAVEN.......always flying...wind dancing MAGIC across the edge...
Posts: 154

My sun is...Gemini
My moon...Aquarius

air and water...what could be better...that must be some Leo speaking somewhere...somewhen...

VG...*I like that idea of Gemini voting twice*
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Trogon's Avatar
Trogon  Trogon is offline
Join Date: 27 Aug 2002
Location: Arizona, USA
Posts: 2,916

Oh no..... I am a Leo and we had the majority... until now!!!! Darn Scorpios are tied up with us now.... C'mon Leos!!!!!
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Indigo_lady's Avatar
Indigo_lady  Indigo_lady is offline
Join Date: 21 Mar 2003
Location: God forsaken middle of everything, :)
Posts: 317

One proud Taurus here

Who hapens to have a Libra rising

Twice a Venus child...

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Page's Avatar
Page  Page is offline
Tarot Artist
Join Date: 28 Aug 2002
Location: .
Posts: 209
Thumbs up Come on Cancerians we can do it!!

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DarkElectric
I hope more water signs come out and represent, though. We're supposed to be so psychic, and into mysterious things, and all that! It doesn't surprise me that the Cancerians are speaking up.

I would say that I'm a clairvoyant as I don't really do tarot readings unless requested. Does that count?

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krysia322's Avatar
krysia322  krysia322 is offline
Join Date: 17 May 2003
Location: Montana, USA
Posts: 368

Aries Sun with Scorpio Rising and Scorpio Moon.

Nothing quite like hot water. LOL

Forgot to mention in the other Astrology Poll posts that my sun is in the House of Leo (#5), so consider me an honorary boaster.
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Minderwiz's Avatar
Minderwiz  Minderwiz is offline
Student of Astrology
Join Date: 20 Apr 2002
Location: Wigan, UK
Posts: 7,888

The results seem to be changing with some signs actually going down!

There clearly is a swing away from Scorpio and indeed at least one Scorpio has changed their birth sign in protest at Scorpio dominance.

The expected rush of Geminis has finally materialised and at the moment it seems that Sun sign has absolutely no relationship to card reading.

Will there be a Scorpio backlash?
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pentunen's Avatar
pentunen  pentunen is offline
Join Date: 05 Sep 2002
Location: In a basket
Posts: 77

Woohoo, Scorpio is now tied for 1st place with Leo. Come on Scorpios, I know you're out there - vote!

*looks like a Scorpio*

- pentu
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