5 of Cups--Archeon Tarot


5 of Cups:
There is a large Cup pouring it's content out into what looks like a waterfall. There are 3 cups on one side of it and one standing alone on the other end. The waterfall seems to have what looks like a rainbow on it. The moon on this card seems to have the silhouette of a man/woman either dragging or carrying something... Is it a bag? Or is he holding two different things? To me this card kind of looks like a mix of the RWS: 8 and 5 of Cups. Any ideas why he might be walking away? Or is he going to the cups?


The silhouette against the moon make me thing of a supernatural being with wings.

I like the effect of the cup empting itself and that the water comes out as a waterfall. The 4 remaining cups seems to be ready to be drunken. To me there is a sense of serenity in this card. And a touch of magic.


5 of cups would normally represent a bittersweet event which is why some of the cups are upright and others are overturned. I like this card because, with the silhouette on the moon, it suggests that such perceptions are subconscious.