Archeon Tarot 9 of Swords


The archeon 9 of Swords is very diferent from traditional decks, this card shows a woman comforting a man the woman looks away as if she has gotten tire or doing this or had already done enough to help this man and is looking her way out from the situation, to let the man deal with his issues on his own, the woman doesn't look as attached as the man is to the situation. I would love to hear others take on this card.


Well looking at this card, I'd always thought of the woman as the man's guardian angel. I just figured that looking at the wings behind her.

I also noticed what you said about how the woman looks nowhere near as unsettled as the man does in this card, because I figured that being a guardian angel, she already knows that the outcome would be success. She's there more to instill some hope in the tired man so he can see the threatening situation through to the end.

However, since we're on the topic of this card, there's something that I was hoping someone had any thoughts on. The swords at the bottom of the picture seemingly "wrap around" the card and start coming out of the top of the card again. Any thoughts?


The nine swords and their tips in the upper part of the cards reminds me of a trap where the man could be stuck.


The 9 of Swords often is seen as the nightmare card.
Here the androgynous figure shows us its scars across neck and lower jaw.
In his - iffff indeeed it is a he!??????
In his hurt of body and soul he is being comforted by the DARK Angel of DESPAIR, listening to whatever grows in her womb.
Is our human falling prey to whatever dark voices grow within him or his companion? She has given birth before, her breasts hang low, she nursed before = areolas are large. Is she nursing him back to balance of soul and mind or is she preparing him to be devoured by the small but menacing monsters that are seen behind her dark wings? Are these wings shielding the human from these thought monsters or is she hiding them as they are her brood???? She has the capacity for shedding light into the dark night of the soul! Her right arm is basked in light!
The judgment is ours to make!
Will the knifes seen above come down to impale the prey- - - ??
.... or will the swords in front recede back into the ground
......and open a passage for the mortal in trouble!


I don't see the woman/angel giving any comfort here. She's turning away uninterested. This will increase the despair for the man.

The swords are very rigidly arranged. This implies incarceration to me or a bed of nails!