A Near-Perfect Match?


I had an epiphany today regarding combined oracle-and-tarot-deck readings. At our monthly Voyager Tarot study group meetings, we've been talking about adding an oracle deck to our readings. I have the Messenger Oracle, so I took it out to see whether it might work with the Voyager. The first thing I noticed is that the outside dimensions of the cards are almost identical, and the central images are also fairly close to the same size. Next, I observed that the color schemes and overall tone of both decks are fairly consistent as well. The Voyager is kind of an atypical tarot deck (not RWS, maybe a bit closer to its inspiration, the Thoth, but not much) so it blends well with a non-tarot-based oracle. While the Voyager has more of a sci-fi flavor and the Messenger is more mystical, I'm intrigued by their juxtaposition in a reading. The Voyager cards are more situational and psychological, while the Messenger cards are advice-giving in nature, so there is a logic to their pairings. I'm finding them a near-perfect match.

Take a look and see what think.


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Visually it works.
The size of the cards, the colors of the borders, the artworks.
These decks look friends.


"Friends" is a good way to put it. I'm also finding that the "advice" phrases on the Messenger cards work well with the Voyager. For example, oracle card #34 ("reveal your truth") showing a person taking off a mask paired with the Hanged Man makes perfect sense to me. In the spread I used for the example photo, the position is the "big picture" focus, or "how I should greet the world today." I like what I'm seeing here.


They look made for each other Barleywine! Wow.
I like it.

:) :) :)