Chronicles of Destiny Pros and Cons


Since there does not seem to be a general pros and cons thread for oracles but I specifically want both, I thought I'd make my own thread.

Do you like how it reads? Is the LWB any good? What's the cardstock like, how big are the cards? (Very important. :D) Would you recommend it even if the price is a tad steep? Anything, basically.

Thanks in advance!

Madame Squee

This cost of this one has me on the fence, too. I want a new oracle, but I know me, and I don't want to lose interest in an expensive one. However, The Chronicles of Destiny looks really wonderful...

Personally, I'm not worried about the card stock. It's published by Schiffer, and I've enjoyed their cards a lot. All of the cards I've seen are sturdy, with a shiny, protective lamination, and I love decks that have gilded edges, like this one. They usually include a great book, too, not just a LWB. Here's what I found at The Chronicles of Destiny website:

"The deck contains 60 oracle cards and each represents a chapter within the book. Images shown are slightly larger than card dimensions, (120 x 70 mm.) Hardcover box set, with 208 page colour book, gold-edge oracle cards, and sturdy storage box."

So, I've been checking out the images on the website and reading the reviews on Amazon (and some of them are full of great info), but I still can't quite get myself to commit. If I do, I'll definitely let you know! :love:


Oops, I forgot to check if they have the card size on their website. Thanks for letting me know!

By the way, has it for 32 dollar right now, quite a bit off the standard 45. Debating to snag it for that...



Hi, there!
I bought it for Christmas and I was very disappointed!
First it's very expensive compared to others and I don't understand why : you pay the packaging that I disliked and did not keep it, a kind of which takes a lot of useless place in my collection!
Second it's a kind of tale with different pictures, but I did not feel comfortable with it.

In addition to this,the readings are not accurate and the LWB is not very helpful in my point of view.

I wouldn't recommend it even though on AMAZON there are a lot of ++++ reviews.
I prefer other oracles much more accurate.


Thanks for the feedback!

I do wish there were a version without the expensive packaging- thaz said, what I've seen from it was gorgeous and it definitely looked like a keeper, sparing me from having to make or order another tarot bag... so, really, it's pricy but if I had to get a bag that would have added costs too, so there's that.

I looked at readings done by others and on the official blog and they resonated with me very much. At this point it's likely that I'll buy it sooner or later. But, I appreciate all kinds of feedback, so thanks again for giving it. :)


Hi, Lareia,
no problem!
Concerning the packaging, it looks like a rigid book but you need place to store it. Would have preferred nothing like that and would have used some pouch, and it would have been cheaper!


And I LOVE it! Got it just the other day and have been doing a couple of readings that have been scarily accurate.

I'm more of a tarot-only person, but this oracle is just really really good.

Miss Divine

I have been eyeing this one for a little while now. I figured I would wait to see what others' experiences were with this deck. Yet, I haven't been able to read much about it here. I did read the thread from Amanda where she did readings for others with this deck. But, I'm still on the fence. This deck isn't cheap, so I wouldn't want to be investing in a deck I'd only use several times, only to end up on the shelf. I looked on youtube, but it was more a reveal showing all the cards and packaging. I hope this person later will actually do a real video review of this deck, since they are always honest and balanced. And another person who mentioned she received a free copy for reviewing. Yet she hardly ever reviews anything. (and when she does the reviews are unbalanced and rather useless). You will see her using it several times (often reading interps from the book) and there you go. :laugh: They are better off sending free review copies to people that actually do balanced reviews. Anyways, I hope more people here who actually have and use it will chime in here.

Miss Divine

Thank you Nina! That was a great review. Do you still love yours? Do you find it easy to read with? You have many decks to compare with, so do you feel this deck has something that other oracles lack? I am becoming pickier these days as I already have alot of oracles that I'm just not using.