Alchemical Tarot Study Group - Two of Coins


sapienza said:
Ok, this might be a silly question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. This card shows the balance between masculine and feminine but also the relationship between the fixed and volatile. Are the fixed and volatile linked to masculine and feminine, ie. is one masculine and one feminine? Or are fixed and volatile linked to alchemical elements such as Sulphur and ?Salt or Mercury? Or is there no real link at all?

Hello Sapienza
I do not think it is silly at all. Rather quite interesting.
Unfortunately I'm not exactly qualified to answer, but my immidiate guess would be that the fixed and the volatile are less connected to the masculine/feminine, than to certain alchemical elements and their characteristic modes of behaviour in certain states.

Maybe this can be of some help?


Two Coins, one a golden Sun is above the other, a silver Moon. A Lion's head, the King of Coins, devours an Eagle, the King of Swords, but the task is unfinished because they are really one being. This Fixation of the Volatile represents bringing thoughts from the higher unconsciousness into consciousness or reason. The Lion and the Eagle are joined with a serpent's body holding the conscious thought, the Sun, and unconscious thought, the Moon, together as one. But in the same way they are being held close together they are also being held apart. The rays in the background represent illumination; the Fixation of the Volatile is a process in the Great Work. It is the washing of the blackening that leads directly to the whitening.