Archeon - 8 of Wands



On this card, for me it's hard to say if the character is male or female.

It looks like sleeping, while laying, eyes closed, white-feathered wings in its back.

The background is a mix of peach, orange and brown, giving it a warm feel.
A little part of the moon can be seen behing the character's head.

The wands are in two groups of 3 and 5 on both sides of the laying angel. It gives a "busy" feel to me.

Looking at the card, i feel it far from the traditionnal RWS meaning about energy, moving, flying.

The character could fly, but it looks like he/she is sleeping, even if he/she has a lot to do.


This card and the 2 of Cups are very similar.
But while the 2 of Cups to me presents the ecstasy one feels during sex, to me the 8 of Wands is all about ecstasy of a very different kind:

The ecstasy one feels while immersed in the creation of a work of art
The ecstasy one feels during a peak experience in one’s life
The ecstasy that takes over during a shamanic trance when body, mind, Self and ego are washed away and I am swept up into the all encompassing Awakened Awareness, not collective unconscious but collective ALL Consciousness....
When the Swan Maiden (seeTemperance) gives the Kham (shaman) his/ her wings....
Shamanic flight......
Arms raised above the head, elbows angled, leaning back, expanding the chest and heart region,, eyes closed, throat pulsating with a chant never sung before.....
I KNOW, what that feeeeels like.....


The character in this card is definitely female. A period of intense excitement has just come to an end. She is enjoying the relief which makes me think the experience could have been good or bad.