Archeon--10 of Wands


Hey to all the Archeon Tarot people,

I mentioned this on the general thread, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew I was actually posting thoughts and insights about a particular arcanum.

Lantz executed the 10/W beautifully: the ten spears--IMO--represent determination, a hard struggle, bravery, and boldness despite all adversity and hardship. The mounted skulls signify victory and success--but at great winning or succeeding really worth the losses?

Even though Lantz has created a very somber and depressed-looking image, I truly feel that it evokes the right ideas, mental images, and emotions that the 10/W's embodies (just in a dramatic way). Furthermore, I really relate Lantz's image of the 10/W's to his depiction of the Hanged Man--both are images of DEATH and DECAY...but it's used strictly for the purposes of making his point. I wish more Tarot artists would get a little bolder like Lantz has with this card.

I hope I'm not being too pushy by posting this, but it seemed like it needed to get started.

Thanks, FS


Full moon & Fire

After further analysis of the Archeon 10/W's, I noticed the massive full moon in the background. It is quite clear to me that Lantz used many moon images throughout the deck, but this one is particularly big. Combining the imagery in the foreground, the moon suggests--IMO--that this is not only the aftermath of a battle, but the evening following it. Purhaps Lantz is suggesting that the 10/W's implies more than the hard victory itself, but all the longterm effects that follow it. Which kinda loops back to the Ace again.




I totally see how this image represents the interpretation given for the Ten of Wands in the booklet. In the Days of Old putting skulls on a post in large numbers in the entrance way of a warlords area was a warning sign to those who entered. So using this image to represent warning brings back the tribal use of that image. It touches our tribal instincts.

I was just thinking that most Hollywood movies use the major arcana in scenes because those images represent their meaning very well where the minor arcana would need explaining since their meaning would be lost in a 10 second screen shot of the card. But this is one minor arcana card that would be just as powerful in a scene as a major arcana card. This is a powerful card.


This card has a very ancient burial ground feel for me. I think it may have something to do with the skulls ;) but it's not scarey at all more a dfeeling of the need to honour your ancestors and remember where you are coming from which is feelings I have NEVER associated with the 10 Wands before. Also with the fire blowing in the background it has a real powerful feeling coming off it. It's a time for new starts but without forgetting the old journeies and those who have gone before us.


There is lot of red tint. Even the full moon seems to be red. To me, it seems to speak of war. It's a place to be cautious and it makes me think a lot. Those skulls represent somebody that is death now. Was it violent death? With all this redness, I would say yes.


Archeon 10 of Wands

The first time I saw this card, my immediate thought was that this signified that the wisdom of my ancestors would be with me. And not just one or two ancestors but lots going back several generations.


The LWB says "There can be no mistaking it, this was left as a warning....Ten of Wands represents warning dissuasion, advice, declaration, guidance, caution." Skulls on posts are a warning, but to whom? Those who play with fire or those who are not making the most of life???