Archeon Tarot Knight of Cups


Afraid to look upon such beauty, the Knight lowered his gaze...

Knight of Cups represents: sensitivity, kindness, bliss, new love, advancement, grace, a poetic nature, seduction, proposals in business marriage or life.

Knight of Cups inverted represents: a con man, fraud, flattery, illusions, deception, lies.

Notice shield in background, images in background, dressed for battle?

The suit of Cups is considered to be the province of the heart and emotions. It is also associated with the element of water, and in the Archeon Tarot often indicates a more feminine perspective.


The Knight of Cups shows a sensitive man who doesn't fit in a man's world. He is more an artist at heart and he keeps getting bullied by the Knight of Wands, he may even have bruises on his face. He kinds of reminds me of the movie La passion Béatrice set during the middle-age during the crusades where the young kids of a knight who is back from the Crusades get beaten up and worse by their father. The father has a definite image of what a man is and tries to force his son into it by trying to force him to rape a woman per example, and when it fails, he beats his son or dresses him as a woman. All ends after the daughter who got raped and impregnated by her own father finally get the courage to kill her father.


I see this "sensitive side" as an act in the art of seduction -- and if it's not quite that cynical then it's just self indulgent. The Knight of Cups is a charlatan, a flamboyant carefree individual.