Archeon Tarot – The Lovers


This card is one of my favourites in this deck. It is such a passionate yet tender sort of card. There is a couple locked in an embrace she is an angel and he looks to be mortal which fits in well with the otherworldly feel of this deck. There is a full moon in this card which could be a symbol for passions that are at their most potent. There is also a fire at the bottom of the card and this card is done in shades of fire colours showing the passion of the couple in the card.

I also get the feeling though that this may be the last embrace or a secret embrace for a hidden relationship so it is a bittersweet embrace. One mortal one not and probably not understood by either side. A real Romeo and Juliet style of lovers story lies behind this card.


Yeah, the fiery colors are really showing a lot of passion. The flame seems to heighten as they kiss.


I find the female figure to be of faerie origin; while the male figure is clearly of human origin. This odd pairing is very Tolkienesque in that it represents the need to decide between everlasting life...and a mortal life.

This CHOICE connection really speaks to the older interpretations of this arcanum--versus the more common interpretation of romantic love and desire.

However, I appreciate Lantz's ability to portray both ideas at the same time.

Thanks, FS.


Since I am Greek I see a Greek Mythology refrence in this card,
The myth of Eros & Psyche. Thats the first thing that came to my mind about this card


I am seeing a lot of what many of you have said, in this card. A very gentle and loving kiss and embrace, perhaps almost forbidden as one is obviously of fairy origin and the other human. The Aragorn/Arwen reference is fabulous. The leaves do look like they are on fire and rising from the passion of the kiss. The same with her wings, which are out full and take up a large part of the card. For me the glow of the moon seems to represent a hidden, secret love, but also that of inevitable change. Notice how the burning leaves have smoke at the tips, like smouldering, both passionate and also an ending of things.


This card really speaks to me, as it is one of the less extravegant cards artistically, but it's beauty is in simple details. What really gets me is how the lovers are so dependent on each other, how they show how much they want each other. The angel, or faerie, leans desperately into the man, it looks like she doesn't have the strength to stand on her own, though the passion of their kiss has her wings flailed out in ecstasy. The man, though looking like a solid figure, is also desperately latching onto the angel, his arms pulling her into his embrace, needing her as much as she needs him. They mold together, it is difficult/impossible to tell where one of them ends and the other begins in some areas.

But this card also screams danger and warning to me as much as it does with passion. The fire at their feet isn't welcoming or setting a pleasant mood for their kiss. They are in the middle of danger that can overcome them, but they don't seem to care. The mood is almost of a sinister nature, the omnious clouds shrouding most of it's body as it glares down at the lovers, it's red color looking more dangerous than passionate as well. The rest of the scenery is clouded, as if only passion and danger exist.

This card has me confused as it has me satisfied. It is pretty clear what the situation is, but what is this card telling us? Is this of forbbiden love, with the danger and red moon, abandonning everything for the person (or thing) we love, even if it harms us? Or does this speak of love that surpasses everything, love that will let the world shatter and crumble, as long as they are with each other?


A forbidden kiss in the moonlight, perhaps the fire is telling us that this connection is shortlived and that a choice must be taken?


I re-discovered this image last night...

...and found it beautifully evocative to quiet my mind and think of 're-union' between the things I found dear between heaven and earth.

Right afterwards, I washed a florite sphere that I had and 'looked' at it. I saw cloudy and delicate pair of wisps, light white figures on a cloudy background. It seemed to me the beautiful Archeon images in my mind inspired a dreamy mood and was a gentle 'portal' of inner vision.

My mind's eye saw them walking and perhaps, other light silhouettes dancing or walking around them. It was lovely, and to ground myself afterwards, I took a shower and thought about having husband came in from his walk and I packed my things away, to write about it later.

But of course I forgot until this morning--I was reminded to look for threads of the Archeon.

I think the slightly shadowy images worked for me last night and helped me focus...doesn't always happen. Lovely to know this tarot worked for this!



Passion between mortals and heavenly things
is filled with danger that may burn its wings...

An embrace of desire that drowns any the fear
lets the lovers forget, that endings are near.

They can not imagine, with passions so high
that love itself, like the fire will die.....


Alpha-Omega said:
Since I am Greek I see a Greek Mythology refrence in this card,
The myth of Eros & Psyche. Thats the first thing that came to my mind about this card

I thought the EXACT same thing!!! Always! After Eros leaves because he feels betrayed Psyche goes through all these trials & tribulations to prove her love to him. Eventually redeeming herself, and finding her place on Olympus as his consort, hence her wings! :)

LOVE this card!