Hey folks, there's plenty of books on reading tarot, but are there any that focus on oracle card reading? Or maybe you have some suggestions on tarot reading books that easily translate to oracle cards?

I've just begun to delve in, but instead of starting through tarot, I've decided to start through oracle decks. I've picked up, and am using first, The Chronicles of Destiny deck, as well as the Oracle of Visions deck, which I plan to use at a future time.

Any direction on how to develop this skill is much appreciated; I'm already astounded at the ways the cards show up in the spreads I've tried using.


The only books I know of or could recommend would be the books that accompany the deck itself. Oracles are so varied, that I doubt you could find a book other then the one written by the author of the deck itself. Except for playing cards or lenormand decks anyways.


There's an Idiot's Guide to Oracle Cards. I browsed through it once at the used bookstore. If you feel you need some help it might be useful. I think it comes with some kind of tear-out cards. I vageuely recall it as being geared towards female readers; maybe they were goddess cards? you could see if it's available from your library/interloan and check it out.